Barclays Graduate 2019



Hey everyone! I thought I would put this together to help graduates applying for 2019 at Barclays! Feel free to post updates and any questions you may have! If I am able to help, I certainly will do!
If anyone has completed the assessment centre for the finance role (or any other roles), could you please also provide any hints and tips! Thanks!


Hey Susan. Are you talking about the Business insight 2 stage? I am also in the procedure for corporate banking. Have you cleared the Telephone interview (Stage 3) ?


Hi A.m, have you completed the business insight 2 stage? Would you mind sharing what it comprised of? Thanks in advance!


hey, have you already finished the first stage? What does the untimed assessment like? What does it include?


Hey, there’s a mix of numerical and situational questions!


Hi Susan, have you done the video interview? If so, would you mind sharing how it looked like? Thanks!


Hey Susan, would you mind provide some details about video interview please?


I applied to the international one. Anyone has done the video interview?


Hey guys, which area have you applied to because the video interview is different for each area!


I’ve applied for technology. Did you get through to the next stage? Would you mind telling how the overall video interview looked like? Thank you!


I applied for the international one, but I guess the whole process should be the same, maybe some questions are different.


Hey Susan!

I applied for the customer banking solutions and have reached the video interview stage! any tips, advice or info regarding the interview?



Hey! Congrats! I applied for finance, which is a different area, so I think questions will be different for you! I think they would still ask you, why barclays? why this role? and there might be a case study element to yours!


Hi guys a couple weeks back i completed the online tests and was invited to the video interview straight away.

I was then emailed 2 days later saying that the could not process my application any further as they had so many applications and i assume had filled the assesment day.

I am still able to complete the interview now even after that email but it said in the email i was able to transfer my application in the future if i found something else

Do you guys think i should do it or shall i just wait? ( BTW i applied for finance)



I was invited to the video interview straight away but im not sure if thats just the norm. Has anyone been rejected after the online tests ?


He Celine,
Are u done with your interview? I have applied for the same… What kinda questions did they ask. I have interview on Friday.


Hey, I had some numerical questions first and then questions you cannot prepare yourself for because they are about some given data and few questions about why the specific role. I’ve done mine over 2 weeks ago so I cannot remember anymore specific questions.


Hi Celine,
Thank you so much. Didn’t they ask any technical questions or questions related to coding?
PS: I am done with my first round…I have second round with Hirevue assessment
I am not sure what they are going to ask in that?
Can you please guide me?


Hi, I had completed Business Insight 2 on 14 September and was asked to upload CV to complete this stage on 9 October. Since then, I wrote to the Barclays Resource Team, but couldn’t hear back. Has anyone heard back regarding the progress of the application? There is no other login portal to track the application. Also, anyone has an idea what it means to upload CV?


Hey there !
Same situation here ! Any news ? Thanks :slight_smile: