Barclays Grad scheme 2014-Human Resources




I have applied to the Barclays Grad scheme - global function- for a HR position. My status mentions ‘under review’. Generally speaking, how long did it take to get an answer and if you are put through the next phase? anyone who is further up with the process?

Thanks for your help and good luck everyone!


Hi PiKoko,

I’m not sure whether the information below will be useful to you but I’ll give it anyway.

I applied for the Operations Grad Scheme which is different from yours so the timelines might be different as well. After my application, I was immediately invited to take the numerical test as part of the initial screening process. I passed that then was invited to take the verbal test which I also passed. The next day I received an email informing me that my whole application was now being reviewed and I would hear back in due time. I was invited for a telephone interview 3 days later. On the same day, I received an email inviting me to the assessment centre.



Hi there,

thanks for your comment. I have passed the inital screening test but application is still under review. It has been a month now :s I emailed them and they told me to remain patient as there are quite a number of applications to examine…not sure whether it’s a good sign or not but will see! Have you been to the AC already? how was the telephone interview if I may ask?




Thanks for your reply. As long as you have not been rejected, then I do not think it’s a bad sign.

I haven’t been to the AC yet. The telephone interview was pretty laid-back, competency-based and with a really nice lady. You also need to know about your division, what skills you need to work there and what your day-to-day tasks will likely be.



YFI, Barclays has kind of a shitty policy. You apply, pass the test and then you hear nothing. After 2 months or so when you write them an email, they reply that all positions have been filled. Same for Goldman, so definitely be proactive and try to get on their radar somehow.




Thanks for the advice…Have you experienced that yourself?