Barclays Global Retail Banking 1st Round AC



I applied to Barclays GRB graduate programme and passed the phone interview, now i have a First Round Assessment Centre (there’s a 2nd and final round AC as well)… those who have attended the First round AC, please can you share some insight with regards to the content of the day?



Also applying to the Barclays grb programme, congrats on passing the phone interview. I have mine coming up this friday i was wondering if you could share some information on the content of the interview, ie questions asked, structure etc, and what I should focus on with regards to my preparation.

Thanks, good luck with the AC.



Congratulations on passing your phone interview. I have also applied to the Barclays Global Retail Banking Programme - Technology Division. I have mine coming up this next week, so any help on the questions would really help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You and All the best for the AC!!

much have been discussed about the phone interview on this thread…if you prepare accordingly then you should be fine!
its standard competency with no commercial awareness, just stuff like team work, customer service and communication…and why barclays, why your division.


Hi molk,

Have you had your 1st round AC? Do you mind sharing some information about the day? It would be greatly appreciated!



the day was very well organised and the people were very friendly… u’d be seeing only the assessors and HR people throughout the day, we didnt meet any recent graduates…even the lunch was with the assessors so ur constantly being judged throughout the day!
first i had a compentency based interview…standard one, nothing technical and abit of commercial awareness nothing difficult here
then i had the paper based shl numerical test, which was more time restricted than the online ones…i didnt complete it but still did pretty well… this was the most relaxing part of the whole day for me
then i had a written exercise which we had to complete in an hour,…i found it abit similar to an in tray exercise coz we were given letters, notes and articles to read and then write a report based on the information provided
then we had to present our idea to an assessor and we were given 15 mins to prepare for this
we had lunch with the assessors for an hour and then we did the shl fast track test and then a group exercise

overall the day was intense, but the people are really nice…just be confident in your approach and u’l be fine!
good luck

PS does anyone have any idea about the 2nd and final round AC? those who are attending the final round, plz can you share once its done? just wanna know what its all about since there is no post regarding this in any of the forums! thanks



I am Faisal from Pakistan. I have recently cleared GRB online numerical test and will take verbal test in couple of days. I would like to know if anybody has an idea that if I clear my verbal test what would be the next step? Will it be a assessment center? And if yes then will they be paying for my visa and all other related stuff (i don’t think so)!

unicode, i would appreciate if you can provide the details of the recruitment cycle from the start. looking forward to your reply. thanks.


Hi all,

I’m applying for GRB Technology programme, I’ve got my telephone interview on the 17th so I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for the help (esp. mlok).


Hi couldd anyone outline the telephone interview, as I have mine coming up soon! Thanks


@ fysal
the next step for you would be a phone interview…and then an assessment centre…depending on the role u applied to, there might be 2 assessment centres…i have no idea about how the visa thingie works…best to call the HR and ask once u’ve passed the phone interview!
hope that helps


What program are you applying to? Its funny you mention more than one round for the assesment centre i was under the impression it was only one round. Is anybody else applying to the Marketing and products role?


Its a telephone interview and then three AC’s.

@ogs20 have you had your telephone interview? If so, what they ask you?


3 AC’s? which programme is that for?
i applied to risk…guess its different for each programme


i applied to marketing and products. The telphone interview i had 3 days ago, still no reply. They asked general competency questions such as. Give me an example of a time you had to motivate others. Give me an example of a time you had to break the rules.
Which program are you applying for “i luv doughnuts”?


The general retail one, seeing as though I aint competing with you can you not give tell me what other questions they asked you? Up to you though, I understand if you dont want to.

Good Luck with the rest of your application


For me it was…

Telephone interview - competency based

Why Barclays? Why the discipline you chose? Then some standard competency questions.

If successful, 1st round assessment centre

More in depth interview, still competency based, commercial awareness question also, another numerical reasoning test, a written study and a short presentation on your findings, what I’d call an abstract logic test (fastrack) and a group exercise.

If successful, 2nd round assessment centre (final one for me)

Another interview, much more laid back, asking about your experiences in uni & jobs, what you like, where do you think you’d fit in, gives a bit more info about the work you’d do. After that 2 case studies where you work through problems with an assessor (or 2).

To be honest though they tell you what to expect in each case as you progress through the process.

Good luck with your application.



I have recently completed my situational test but unfortunately haven’t got any e-mail till now. in the past i have got emails regarding the outcome relatively quickly. does anybody can share that in how many days h/she get to know his/her result? i will be really grateful thanks.


It was about 2 days for mine to come back (successful)


thank mualtt. did you also able to book your interview slot? because it says that “there is no interview slot available. try again later.” whenever i open my barclays account. was it the same for you too?