Barclays FLDP Tele-in


Hi guys, thanks for reading my post. Anyone would like to share your Barclays FLDP tele interview experience with me? i.e. interview questions, etc.

Many thanks!


hey, i’ve got the FLDP telephone interview aswell, which department have you applied for and how are you preparing for it.


FINANCE, u? thats why im asking for help on wiki…lol


lol same…I’ve applied for finance as well. I’m worried about these telephone interviews, I’ve had a couple and I can’t seem to perform in them. I’ve looked at just the past question that people have been asked in say BarCap like why barclays? Why finance? And so on, am just wondering whether they have any situational questions like KPMG do in their interviews (which i failed badly btw)…anybody with any idea about FLDP interviews, please help us!


looks like you will be the first ones for now :slight_smile: when are your interviews? Let us know how it goes… there will definitely be situational questions, all of them have these.


what do you mean by situational question? from what i gathered on other posts, seems there is not any. just motivation and competency ones, which i think will just ask for examples…


What I meant was the competency questions-where you need to give an example(past situation or anything), and they seek for some qualities in your answer.
I didn’t mean what would you do if…when… I don’t think this will be in. I think you are right, lovelondon.

Anyway, I’m also going for Finance. When are your interviews people?


I had one for HR last year, didn’t have any situational. From what I remember it was 3 competency questions and then questions about Barclays, motivations for joining the scheme etc. Lasted about 30 mins. They were also the only company who gave me any feedback so that was nice :slight_smile:


may i ask how far you went with the process…and also if you remember what competency questions you got asked?


how long after doing the verbal test did it take for you guys to find out whether you had passed or failed, my status just says, “You have completed your test”. Ive heard for other people the status has changed to “under consideration” if you have passed? Could anyone who has passed tell me what theirs said??


22nd August Application 23rd August Invited to Numerical Test Gave same day
23rd August Verbal Test. 23rd Invited to Interview ! Booked interview on 28th August! Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Hi jazz4673 and GP123,

I m in applying to barcap too. Just wanted to ask r u guys in ur 2nd year of degree or u guys r already graduated. Plz plz tell me cuz I m a bit confuse whether I should apply for graduate scheme or FDLP…plz reply bk I m looking forward for ur reply.


cheers Jazz, Im through to the phone interview aswell.


I am bit old for that matter of fact! I am graduated and currently working for Insurance firm. but really wanted to work for Bank! Tired of same old job in Bloody North! Want to be somewhere in South. Btw I’ll prefer FLDP over graduate program though dont know if you are in penultimate year what are the rules. I did 5 years degree with year in Industry

Hey GP when is your interview? Which programme you applied to?


Hey Jazz, I have recently graduated plus I dun have any previous work exp in banking that’s I m a bit reluctant what if they reject me. I read the over view of FLDP, it sounds quite competitive. Thanks for the reply


@Jazz and GP

Guys, I’m through to phone iview also… it seems like you will have it before me. Let us know how it goes… and good luck to all :slight_smile:

And yes, they are really fast…fastest I have ever seen.


Hey Alviyah! I think it would be alright! I have been rejected from Major Banks and Consulting Firms! Its all about experiencing their Process! Though bit unfair! but its worth it. Once you come across it!..then getting jobs in small firms is easier!

Hey Filski which graduate program-me u r going for?


Hey jazz, does it really matter if I apply to both barcap and to Barclays FDLP? Is there any restrictions that I could only apply to one or I can apply to both? Thanks


I’m going for Finance.

You can apply for FLDP and one of following: capital, wealth or corporate. This is the restriction.


Fiksi, thanks u r a life saver! I jus submitted my app for barcap. Will submitt FLDP this evening. Thanks a million