Barclays FLDP (RBB) 2014



I recently found out that i had passed the telephone interview and now got an AC coming up over the next few weeks for the FLDP for retail and business banking.

has anyone already attended the AC and could let me know what is expected on the day/ their experience or does anyone else have one coming up soon?


hi ct8123, congrats for sailing to AC. it seems just a few pple applied to RBB. anyhow, i applied to RBB on 1st Aug and just got online invitation on 15th Oct, my status remains online tests complete & that they wil get intouch once my results are reviewed. how long does it take them to give feedback after online AND kindly what kind of questions did they ask in the telephone interview…applied in RBB africa region


Hey guys-

I have applied to this programme too, and have my phone interview coming up. However, I’m in Australia and can’t attend the assessment day because I have exams, does anyone know what happens in this situation?


Hey can you tell me what were you asked in the telephone interview??


Hey anum,

I’m guessing you’ve been invited for the phone interview? I am at that stage too but haven’t got a slot yet.

Any luck on finding out what will be asked in the interview?

Also, I have applied for the Technology and Innovation stream; but am unsure what prior knowledge is to be expected of me.
Which stream have you applied for?



Can anyone share what were the questions asked during the telephone interview please? I have got one this Friday. Please comment the questions they asked u! :frowning:


Good luck with the interview! I have mine next Thursday, would be great if you could post some help on here… very nervous.


Hey guys. Sorry for replying late. I gave my interview on Monday. Was pretty standard. Questions were
Why barclays
Why rbb and fldp
Why technology
How do you keep yourself updated with business news and whats going on in the industry recently.
Rest were competency question on teamwork, helping others and a challenging goal.
Hope that helps.
Let me know if I can help you guys in any other way
Good luck!!


Thank you!


thanks a lot mate! good luck too! :slight_smile:


Hi ya, I just had the telephone interview today! The interviewer at the end said that due to Christmas and New Year holiday, it might take a little bit longer for them to reply, may be from 2 to 3 weeks. Did the interviewer mentioned abt this with you as well? Or is that just me? A bad sign maybe??


I had it last Friday and the interviewer said they aim to reply within a week. However, I would not be surprised if they are a little bit slower during these days.


Hey, I had mine this morning too and have been told the same thing, so not to worry. Best of luck.


I’ve recently been offered a place on the Marketing and Product internship programme. If anyone wants to know about my experience with the AC just drop me a message :slight_smile:


Hey, I am sorry I was a bit lost…yes I have got the reply from barclays and they have invited me to the simulation day which is on 13th. Can you please tell me your experience of AC??


Hi I’m also invited to the simulation day which is on the 13th. The address they provided was not really precise. Is it at CCT Venues?
They also told that there would be a conf. call before the event. Can anyone share his/her experience?


well thats the address sent through the email 93 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, Greater London, E14 9SG. Have to applied for FLDP (RBB) - Technology??


I had my telephone interview on 7th jan for Rbb FLDP programme. I still haven’t heard back. What should i expect?


Hey. Good luck for getting this far and good luck for the AC. I have my telephone interview coming up on the 20th Jan. I am just wondering if you could give me some tips - such as how you prepared and the questions they asked you? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.



So basically they asked me literally the same questions as someone posted above. It was why RBB? Why FlDP? What is a role of manager? Describe a time when you went out of your way and helped someone? Describe a time when you dealt witha difficult situation? Describe a time when you worked in a team ? How do u see urself in 15 years? What are ur career aspirations.

I hope it helps. Just refer to the website for all this information. Use the Star method for competencies. Best of luck :slight_smile: