Barclays FLDP Assessment Centre



Anybody who had their assessment centre day with Barclays Future Leader Development Programme ( specially Finance), please share your experience here.

Also any advise and help will be much appreciated



Hey I’ve got my FLDP A/C coming up too on 20th jan…there’s loads of info on here about Barclays Corporate but not FLDP…any idea what the analytical test is as it’s not the usual verbal or numerical test is it?! Have you had your AC yet? Thanks


hey, whens yours?


Hey mine is on 20th January


i might schedule mine on 16th, but im more comfortable if it was the 20th… im on the finance stream… what stream are you on?


Hi guys,
Just had my interview for the FInance FLDP, got a call a while back saying I’ve passed!
The HR lady asked me if I was free for the AC on 16th unfortunately I had to say no as I have an exam that day! :confused:
Then she said she’ll call me back tomorrow with further info but she said most probably next ac will be on February. However as I can see some of you have been invited for an ac on the 20th? Is that a confirmed AC or are you guys speculating?


Also good luck with your upcoming AC’s


Hi i am going to have a telephone interview for FLDP Credit Risk in two days, could any of you please tell me what questions were asked as i really don’t have a clue at the moment.

Many Thanks


Hi Chronk,
The phone interview wasn’t too bad just a bunch of competency q’s
I think I got asked stuff like:
Why Barclays?
Why Finance (risk in your case)?
Give an example when you overcame a challenge.
Give an example where you had to make a decision based on considering a lot of different information
Give an example when you challenged existing practices (not hte exact question but was something along the lines of showing innovation)
Q’s were basically based on 3 competencies: Inspire, perspective and collaboration.
Interview was about 30-40 minutes, then she gave me a chance to ask any questions that I had.
Hope this helps, good luck with your interview! :slight_smile: x


thats really helpful thanks!!! GL on your AC too!!! Would love to hear from you soon


hey mine is confirmed for 20th jan. However I am on the FLDP HR scheme…don’t know if that makes a difference.


Hi, congratulations to all that got through the online tests and telephone interview. I have just completed my online tests and been informed to schedule a telephone interview.

Could you share your interview experience? Any tips and advice?

I was wondering if that one-page CV could be a hindrance if it is not written to the standard they are looking for.


Hello Kitty! ( I’m sorry I just had to say that once… :P)
Anyway I don’t know what’s happening with my AC for Barclays. I got a call yesterday from HR telling me about the AC on the 20th. I said I could make it and the guy was like I will email you the confirmation and booking slots will become available. However I didn’t get any emails and the slots didn’t open so I emailed them about that yesterday. Today morning I got a call from HR again saying that the AC on the 20th has been cancelled?! She said next one would be some time in Feb and said they’ll get in touch again later on as they don’t have any February dates atm.
Have you heard anything about the AC on the 20th being cancelled? Cuz if not then it seems that they’ve lost interest in my application for the time being which is not good news! :confused:
MHedCL check my post above mate, I have jotted down my phone interview stuff… Also don’t stress too much its really not that hard. The HR lady was also very nice, infact at one point I forgot what I wanted to say mid answer and asked her if I could come back to it later. She was really nice about it, just laughed it off and allowed me to come to it at the end of the interview (thankfully my brain restarted by then and I remembered what I was trying to say!)


Hi OJ - No I haven’t heard anything about it being cancelled?! You’ve got me worried now! I’ll ring them tomorrow on my lunch break and then I will write back on here to let you know ok.

For telephone interview I really wouldn’t worry - just have examples ready in your head of past work experience and things you’ve done in a team at uni etc…it doesn’t have to be finance related or related to the job in anyway. And just read up on the internet about Barclays and your department, but not in massive detail. Good luck!


Thanks guys for the encouragement. I’m gonna book my telephone interview tomorrow, hopefully it will go well.
And good luck with your AC!


For credit risk, i got asked what do you know Barclays Retail and Business Banking…
I talked something on Barclays Retail…
I don’t know nothing for Business Banking, any idea what it invovles??


Hi, have you guys got any update from them?

I just had my telephone interview today. It started off with what do you know about Barclays Retail and Business Banking, the division that you’ve applied for, and why FLDP and the division. The competency questions basically revolved around three competencies (Inspire, Perception, Collaboration).

I am now quite anxious as the HR lady asked if I want to add more to my answers a couple of times at the beginning. It made me think that I had not answer those questions well, esp retail and business banking, and why FLDP.


Hi mhedcl,
Nope unfortunately I still havent heard anything from barclays. Kinda worried bci have read here that barclays seem to have a trend of inviting people for ac’s and then sending out emails that places have filled up!
As for the interview, I was also asked if I want to add anything for the retaiL and business banking Q. Dont worry about that! Let us know if you get any dates for your ac, also what program are you applying for?




hey what so they expect us to do at the assessment centre? please help. also how long do they take to reply after the telephone interview. is it bad that they ask if i want to add more during my telephone interview.