Barclays Corporate scheme 2014


I’m applying for this scheme and I would really appreciate any help on the potential questions and what to expect from the application process!
I will share and help alike :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I just had a test with Barclays Corporate and I thought it could be useful to know the structure on the online reasoning tests.

They use SHL (the biggest online test provider). They require you to take 2 (SHL) online reasoning tests, namely, Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests.

The Numerical Test consists of 18 questions with 25 minute time limit. The level of difficulty varies and proper preparation using tutorials is a must! I think the best place to learn how to get a top score is from GraduateMonkey (just google the name). You will need to look for a specific SHL type tutorial they have. I used graduatemonkey tutorials myself, amazingly well organised into data types/contexts so you will remember different types of problems. On the downside, their Ebook is available online only although their tutorial videos are helpful (showing shortcuts, etc). It took me 4 days to prepare using their material and I got 95th percentile on my num !

The Verbal Reasoning Test consists of 30 questions to be answered in 19 minutes only. The key is to read the questions very quickly FIRST then look for answers in the paragraphs. You will still need a lot of practice and proper tutorial. JobTestPrep and assessmentday practice tests should be good to practice. I prefer assessmentday because they provide the same material in bigger quantities but cheaper price - so you have lots of practice if you have the time!

Anyway, the BEST of luck to ALL of us who are now applying to grad schemes !!!



Hello perfect_dark_uk!
How is your application going?


I still have this status on the application portal:
“You have completed the online test process and we will be in touch again once your application and scores have been reviewed.”

I applied for finance graduate programme 2014 btw


hey alpha beta gamma… I did the tests. I have passed the numerical and answered the verbal last week. I havent heard back from them.

I have the same message as Intruder - that I have completed the tests and scores are being reviewed.

Anxious!! Has anyone got to the next step?


i also get the same message. Did the tests 40 days before. This is for APAC operation analyst role.


Hey nlr3169,

I applied to ACAP ops analyst role too and have not heard back after completing the verbal test. Do they tend to just not reply you if they are not interested in you or will they send you a formal rejection letter if they didn’t want you? I have a feeling that APAC HR tend to just not reply if they decided not to progress your application further …


Has anyone heard back from BC?


met them at a career fair yesterday and they said they will be sending phone interview invitations as from next week.


Hi guys, I was in the same situation as you, passed the tests and nothing at all. Waited for over 1 month. After emailing I was told I was rejected.

So yes, they might not reply at all.


Hi Intruder. By this you mean for grad scheme? You know anything about summer internship? Thanks


Hello perfect dark uk! Sorry for the late reply. I had my telephone interview a couple of days ago. Do not wait for an email, check the candidate portal, that’s where you will find out if they put you through the next stage.


@cynthiayip. The invitations were sent out starting from early September. I believe since more applications are coming through it takes longer to process them that’s why they are taking so long to reply


alpha_beta_gamma, so how did your interview go? Was it a typical competency based one with why barcorp, why corporate banking? Also any ideas on when the next AC is?


No it was a strength based interview. Basically think about barclays and what they want .ie quick learner, team player ecc. I was asked random questions such as “what people think about you?” Make sure you know who they are looking for and their values. They might throw in some competency questions, I didn’t have any buy who knows.


Just got offered the AC though have to wait for dates! Anyone else?


@alpha_beta_gamma you mean grad scheme? i saw people posting they’ve got offered a full-time position, but not invitation to interview for a summer internship as far as i know. i’ve done the tests in late September and heard back nothing. Fingers crossed.


@alpha_beta_gamma btw my status changed from test complete to under review about 1 week ago. :confused:


Uhm I would suggest you to email them. Oh I didn’t know people got offered positions but I believe those are the once that got in last year through an internship


Congratulations. How long did it take them to get back to you after your tel interview? I had mine on monday and still no update.