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I had my AC on Friday and got a call just after I left saying I’d been successful and offering me a position! I thought I had forgotten my passport or something lol.

I’m on the Operations Grad scheme :slight_smile:



Nice one Ben well done! Join the facebook group :slight_smile:


Request to join sent!

But same for me - didn’t come up on the search, had to use the link :slight_smile:


Hi BenHes,

Congrats! Do you mind telling me which competency questions and group exercise you got there?




Thanks! The group exercise is about an investment project and whether to accept or decline the investment. You get a lot of info, most of it is irrelevent and it is impossibe to analse it all in the time so pick the imprtant things quickly. Also keep an eye on the pc and the timer as you get frequent emails and new reports.

The competency interview was the wame as the telephone interview only longer. Cannot remember the sections for the life of me, but it was analysing large amounts of data, customer service and the last section was knowledge about Barclays and specifically BarCorp :slight_smile:

Good luck!


So bit of a tumultuous week - got a phone call on Tuesday to say I was on the reserve list; a call on Friday from someone else to offer me a job; then at close of play yesterday I got my Barclays offer for Graduate Operations! Am extremely happy, if a bit shell shocked :slight_smile: it never rains but it pours hehe.

Has anyone been sent the contract to look at yet? Do they finally reveal the closely guarded secret that is the salary? I’m 99% sure I’ll take Barclays, but it’ll be prob Tuesday or Wednesday before I can compare contracts properly.

And does anyone know when the let us know where we’ll be based? I find the perfect form of procrastination is looking up rental prices in potential locations :smiley:



Hey congrats!!

The salary is 30k plus 7k bonus and an end of year prformance bonus of some kind in the second year I think. Still haven’t got my contract through, need to chase them up. They said it was sent almost 2 weeks ago but I am abroad so to be patient…

Haha same! The location is kept for a while as it’s based on business needs… Here’s hoping for London! Found some nice places already :wink: lol





Hi every one ,

I’m a student at an engineering school in France and I major in financial mathematics .I would like to know if you have any idea how to apply from aboard and whether or when can we apply ?



Hi everyone and congrats to you all with your offers!
I have a tele interview coming up soon with them and was wondering whether you could give me ideas of the areas/questions they covered?
I would be really grateful!


Hey grad2012, I knw this doesn’t answer your question but, how long did it take to get an invitation for the telephone interview after u passed the online test?. If it helps I think just like any other company have reasons y u want to work for them, and y u would fit in


Hi nickkydko, they took about 2-3 days I think! It wasn’t immediate!
Are you waiting?


Hi everyone,

Has anyone been successful in applying on the compliance scheme and have any advice to offer about the application process?