Barclays Corporate 2013


I have a telephone interview coming up soon and would really appreciate any help on the potential questions!
I will share and help alike :slight_smile:


I also have one next week, when is yours?

questions from last year:
why barclays
why BarCorp
Why your division
a question about teamwork
motivated others?
a time you keep yourself motivated when bored
your best attributes


Hey guys! Where are you’re interviews and for what division? I have mine on the 16th of this month.


Hi Guys,

I also have a telephone interview on the 16th October for client coverage! I’m not a massive fan of phone interviews so a little but worried! Apparently it’s a mix of competency and motivational based questions. I’ve also heard it’s highly competitive this year as they took alot of the summer interns on for the 2014 start!


I meant 2013 start sorry!


Hey guys,

I also have a telephone interview coming up soon.I’d appreciate it if anyone could give me an idea of what sort of questions would come up. Its a 30 mins telephone interview!



Mine is for client coverage at bar. corp.


anyone had one yet??


please submit some insights! if any1 has taken the interview!!


Mines next week as well!
daneeks where did you hear about it? It is for all divisions too?
Getting worried that it’s gonna be a tough one


I passed the verbal and numerical on the 28th September and got invited to book telephone interview on the 30th. The 16th was the first slot available. Not sure whether it is the first telephone interview day of the recruitment season as no one has come forward saying they have had one yet! I think it will be pretty tough too due to how competitive it is this year. I’ve heard from someone who works at Barcorp that they took a lot of interns on for 2013 start!

I have done telephone interviews before - already on a grad scheme atm. Just think of loads of examples beforehand.


I have a telephone interview coming up and this is my first telephone interview so I am a bit anxious. Can those who have completed their telephone interview post some of the questions they were asked.



I had my telephone interview today. It only lasted around 20 minutes. I was quite shocked at the fomat because they asked lots of questions about Barclays.

I can’t remember everything (it was a bit of a blur) but the questions were along the lines of:
Why Barclays?
Why BarCorp?
Why that division?
What could you bring to the role?
What issues are currently affecting the banking industry as a whole?
Tell me about a time you managed to persuade someone to take your point of view.
Tell me about a time you had to change your approach in order to be understood by someone else.
Tell me about a time you have dealt with a problem in a team.

That was about it. The lady on the phone sounded really nice. I got an e mail tonight saying I have got through to the assessment centre. I went online and booked it for the 12th November is anyone else attending this date?


Hey Daneeks, Congratulations on passing this stage. What division had you applied for?


Hey am414 I have applied for client coverage how about yourself? Did you get through also?


I am through to the assessment centre on the 19th of November.

For those who need any help with their phone interviews, just read the questions posted by Daneeks and you should be fine.

Although, I would like to add a on a few more questions to the list which were:

What type of research did you undertake for this role?

How does Barclays Corporate fit within Barclays?


Daneeks, do you have any idea regarding the presentation and the group exercise?


Congrats on the assessment centre sp2515! Did you specifically choose the 19th or was the 12th full now? I wonder how many people are at each one! I think last years group excercise was an investment decision and presentation based on the group excercise! I can only assume they will use a similar format! Alot of companies use an investment decision situation I had it when I got my current job! Its about working well in a team and drawing good conclusions from the ‘relevant’ information given! I suspect time will be an issue also so keep an eye on the clock! Im happy to share further details after I’ve had mine on the 12th!


is there anything i can prepare on?


is there anything i can prepare on?