Barclays Compliance Grad Programme



Hi guys, finding it very hard to find much information at all regarding careers in compliance in general and also about particular schemes. Anyway, have reached the final assessment centre for Barclays and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences, past or present?


^ yes please! Am due to have my compliance AC soon as well and honestly have no idea what to expect.


hi guys what test did you have for the compliance scheme… verbal and logical? no numerical? and how were you telephone interview experiences?


Hi chk, I have given my verbal and logical tests and my application is under review for over 4 weeks now… how long did you have to wait for before telephonic interview?


hey, it took around a month for me to hear back as well so hang in there :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I have my AC coming up for compliance would you mind telling me what types of activities there are?


There are three exercises. One is an interview (very similar to phone interview), another is a group exercise and in the third you must present information you are given beforehand in a short presentation to a member of the compliance team. Good luck!


Thanks so much! Was your phone interview solely based on questions testing your moral values? Because mine was :confused: so will AC interview be the same or will they ask more competency and technical questions?


Yes it was. AC interview very similar, just more questions.


Hey guys, I was wonder what (if any) psychometric tests there were at the AC?


what do you mean by testing your moral values