Barclays Commercial Banking graduate scheme first round assessment - please help!


Dear everyone, I will have a first round interview for Barclays commercial banking, anyone have any idea about the interview questions and techniques? Any comments would be welcome!


Hey Chen! Did you have this yet? How did it go?!


Hi,guys. I’m gonna go through the first round assessment of Barclays Commercial Banking. Could any of you share any experiences of the assessment center? I would be very much appreciated.

Between, did you take the numeracy test in the first round assessment?

Thank you very much,

Rachel, xxxxx


Yes, you should expect numerical test in the first round and it is likely to be the first test on the day.

You’ll get 20 Qs in 20 min, i found them to be slightly harder than the online ones especially because you must use the given calculators which are terribly basic for a fast job! I usually finish all the Qs but for this one, i managed only 15…

my advice is: dont panick, take it calmly ( i know it is easier said than done :)) - and the ones you do attempt - try to be fast but accurate…most likely you wont manage to finish all…


Hi hazelground,

Thank you very much for your reply and advices.

Could you please tell me that whether those numeracy questions are designed by SHL? Are there any questions related to exchange rate calculation or inflation rate calculation?

Between, I will also go through one structured interview and one business line interview. Can I ask what kind of questions came up when you were interviewed and how should I prepare for those questions?

Many thanks again.

Rachel, xxxxxxxxx


i have this assessment day tomorrow, can anyone shed further light on the questions asked or the numerical test - i’m crap at those things so a bit worried.


Would definitely read this prior to going to the assessment centre: - it’s all about the retail graduate scheme with the head of their HR talking about it and an interview with someone that’s currently on the scheme. The guy is pretty old though, he was in the army for a few years before joining Barclays - I wonder if they’re actually more interested with people with experience? I applied a while back and haven’t heard yet :S


did my on thurs. feeback tomorrow.

I did really well on all questions and i’ve really gone the extra mile contacting past grads and members of the FT (who really helped).

Sadly i froze on the numeracy test and doubt i got 50% correct. that stupid fecking calculator with the 00 button!!!.

Will letcha know. any questions please ask.


its says 1st round assessment for Barclays Commercial. Is it the only round or is there another assessment center after this?? They should call it either first round interviews or assessment center, quite confusing innit…


yes. its an interview but you cannot prepare for it.

they ask you about what gcses u did. what you wana be when you grow up to build a profile about you to see if you fit the culture. no learning on your part.


but there’s no other rounds after this one, right??? this is the 1st and the only round(interviews or assessment center)



1st round. then 2nd round. the second round is what i described above


Hi all,

I have the commercial banking assessment centre coming up. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what will be asked/expected of us? This is my first assessment centre so I’m getting nervous :-/



I’ve just been offered a place on the commercial scheme (whoo).

KED, they send you a pack with the competencies they look for. just prepare stories for those including the competencies and you should be fine.
good luck


Im going to have a final round as well, can you share some experience. They sent me a email saying it is going to be a chronology interview. thanks.


correct. you cannot really prepare for this interview and on the whole was a enjoyable experience. before you attend you are asked to submit a questionaire - and they will quiz you on sections.

all i can recommend is being prepared to talk about the areas you disliked, liked and why.

also an area of improvement (in a bit of detail) wouldn’t go a miss, hope this helps.


Hi wishkah
i also applied for barclays retail programme and need to do online test, can you tell me where i can get some practise them, and also how is the overall assessment like.


Hi Hazihaz - happy new year. I applied to the commercial scheme but would suspect the online tests are the same.

From personal experience i suggest you do as much practice as possible for the online test - Barclays use SHL tests.

the best test by far is SHL’s own practice - (or similar). you must create an account each time you take the test, but i used to skip the verbal and head straight for the numerical.

secondly wikijobs has two good practices themselves which are really worth a look.
finally [] is another great resource but i found the tests seemed to be a little easier.

good luck, hope this helps.


Hi Wishkah, thank you very much for the tips. Can I just ask you whether they asked you any technical questions about commercial banking.
what was the interview atmosphere like, was it friendly or was it very cold and strict?
Thank you.


Hello there Taoz! happy new year.

I wasn’t asked any technical questions concerning commercial banking, but an indepth knowledge is always useful for answering questions. For example. During the interview i was discussing a course i studied which centered around the role of entrepreneurs which linked to some facts about SME lending noted in the Varney report. I would really recommend reading the Lex notes (also it won’t look good if you’re applying for commercial banking and you don’t know much about it). Also think along the lines of matching your competencies to what CB entails - however this is just my advice as a fellow applicant.

The atmosphere was very relaxed. It was with my mentor/guide/HR person who i’d met during the previous round and another person who worked in CB HR (i think). Both were extremely nice and relaxed. They want to find out about you and what you enjoy etc. As i noted above they want to see if you are a cultural match and what drives you more than competencies etc.

any other questions don’t hesitate to reply and good luck