Barclays Capital Technology Assessment Center



Anyone has the experience on Barclays Capital Assessment Center for Technology 2011 entry. What’s the structure of it, such as case study and group exercise. I heard there was technical interview last year. What about this year?

Many thanks.


There will be a technical interview this year. When do you have your Assessment Center? Mine is on the 12th October in London


how were your ACs. I have one day after. Is the technical interview, too technical?


it’s not that technical but you need to know your stuff.

some guys got really technical questions , i got one as well but overall is not really that technical,


I might be too late, but just to help others preparing for the assessment centre, I would like to share my experience of the assessment day at Barclays Capital for the position of Core Engineering Graduate Scheme.

Barclays Assessment Day

We were first taken to a big room with many large round tables. There were 70 candidates in total and we were divided in 7 teams. These teams, apart from 10 candidates, also had a team lead which was a senior employee at Barclays Capital. Throughout the day, we were given tasks that we had to perform along with our team mates.

Our first task was to create a 40 cm tall structure using spaghettis and marshmallows that could withstand the weight of a toy fish (not as light as it sounds).

Our second task was to find the most suitable place for tourists based on a given criteria and options (along with details).

Out third task was to balance 14 nails on top of a nail hammered on a piece of wood.

(During these tasks there were many hr people of Barclays standing around us who were constantly monitoring our activities and making notes)

This was followed by a 30 minutes individual competency based interview and they asked me the following questions (i am unable to remember 1 or 2 questions which i forgot)

Example of a successful team effort
Example of an unsuccessful team effort
Idea on which I had to convince others
Strengths and Weaknesses
Example when I had to be updated about something
Example of when I had to convince others of something they did not want

(in all these questions, the interviewer was asking me further questions to get more details about my answers)

After this we were re-united with our group and were given 5 minutes to prepare a presentation on ANYTHING. After this, we were called one by one and were given 3-5 minutes to deliver our presentation, which was followed by questions and answers.

In the next activity our group was split into two groups and we given our next task. In this task, we were given the policies of Barclays and two products. We had to choose to launch one of those products, convince our fellow Barclays professionals that this product adheres with our company’s policies and then develop a sales pitch to launch that product.

After this our group was taken to another room where 2 HR professionals of Barclays went through our educational and related documents and took their photocopies for their records.

After this we were taken back to the original hall (where we had spend our day so far) and were given a presentation where we were thanked for our participation, after which we were allowed to leave.

PS- We were given refreshments and breaks throughout the day and got a chance to know a lot about Barclays through our team lead.



That sounds like one of the hardest AC ever?

good luck with outcome


Hi guys,
Does anyone know what kind of technical questions they can ask during interview. Any help would be appreciated.