Barclays Capital Graduate Roles 2011

Morgan Stanley

Hey guys,

Havent seen any threads yet dealing with specifcs so thought i’d get this one going.
I sent off my barcap app and completed both the tests successfully (i think) back in August. Still havent heard anything. Anyone else in the same boat??
I applied to Sales and still havent heard back from the likes of GS, Citi, Morgan Stanley etc

Hope this thread might prove helpful once process actually begins!


Hey, I applied around the 20th august for strucuturing…
still haven’t heard anything
I also have Nomura, UBS and GS pending…


Nomura never gets back to you. I have a mate whose application is still under review since 2008


so they only get back to you if you’re successful…
good to know


still under review from 2008 lol. sounds hopeful…
my app is under consideration for barcap.
playing the waiting game now…


Just out of curiosity, what’s all your guys’ background>
You all Final year students or already graduated?


final year


final year


I gave both tests on 3rd oct, passed both and still there is no response frm barcap…my application is still under consideration… anyone having any idea abt the date when they will start telephonic interviews???


morning fellow barcappers
I am in the same situation

I spoke to BarCap at a Careers Fair, it is different for each division…
there is someone in control of operations grads…
someone in control of recruiting sales grads etc…

The person I spoke to said that there is an operations assessment day within the next 2 weeks, so they are doing loads of phone interviews this week.
thus he thinks sales will be doing something similar soon.

he also said that the fact our apps are still under consideration can only be a good thing.


any idea abt when they are going to conduct telephonic interview for technology analyst…???


hey taurus, you got any specific news about structuring?


The telephone interview is pretty interesting.

First they ask you about your degree and what are your strong subjects.

Then they ask you about all kind of questions about BarCap. I did my research here very well and they were impressed. That doesn’t mean that I did exceptionally well. The question from this questions get tougher and tougher. At one point I told them that you need an economics degree to give a proper answer.

Then they ask you questions about team work, they also told me to give clear examples from other work experience and not from uny.

I did pretty well that after the interview the interviewer invited me to the assessment center. There is one on the 12th and one on the 26.

Good luck guys.

Remember do your research


Also, after the tests, if you don’t get an answer in 1-2 hours, I’m sorry to say but you probably were rejected.

I am a final year student and I have applied for Technology.

Does anyone have any more details about the technical part of the interview?

I asked my interviewer on the phone how technical it is, but she didn’t give any straight question. I asked if I get a piece of code and have to figure the problem out. She said it’s not that technical because of the numeric and logic tests.

Hope this helps.


So you got an invitation to the telephone interview a couple of hours after you did your online tests?


Well I finished the interview Monday evening at around 8 PM and in the morning at 9 AM I was told to register for a telephone interview.

I recommend that you contact them about your application. I am not sure if you failed the tests.


well, i haven’t had an interview yet. just submitted online application and did the online tests.

anyway, if i may ask…what sort of questions did you get cocnerning BarCap?


sonitram- I know nothing on structuring.

Technology seems pretty rapid. All the service areas are different in terms of getting through applications. I think that for the more popular schemes we have to be patient…


Anyone for Compliance has been invited for the first round interview yet?




on the telephone interview i got questions about BarCap and what businesses they do.

I also got questions about my university degree and what are my strong subjects

if i am a good team player and to offer examples but not from university. I needed to give examples from my work experience

:smiley: good luck guys with your applications

I got a phone call yesterday and I received an offer :smiley: