Barclays Capital CV


Dear all,

I am a novice and I do not have any idea on what to write in a CV for Barclays capital investment Banking Analyst Graduate role? The problem is they want Only one page CV and I think I do not need to mention my qualification, DOB, Name etc… but what should I mention? Will be thankful for your guidance!


Hafiz Arslan ACCA



you can include your contact details - that stuff is fairly necessary. maybe just make it one line across and change your margins to get more room.

add your most recent workexperience, highlighting the necessary skills for the role. ie, if you worked at a shop, say you had to meet client requirements and meet quality standards etc.

for education, put expected grades and also the relevant modules, ie, if you’ve done modules in banking or accounting that may be of use in the hob.

i realise this may be a bit late as the deadline has passed but you can always apply for internships and take a year out.