Barclays Capital, Corporate and Wealth online reasoning tests - information for applicants



Hi everyone,

I had a test with Barclays Corporate and BarCap and Barclay Wealth last year, was unlucky then :frowning: and I thought it could be useful to know the structure on the online reasoning tests.

They use SHL (the biggest online test provider). They require you to take 2 (SHL) online reasoning tests, namely, Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests.

The Numerical Test consists of 18 questions with 25 minute time limit. The level of difficulty varies and proper preparation using tutorials is a must! I think the best place to learn how to get a top score is from GraduateMonkey (just google the name). You will need to look for a specific SHL type tutorial they have. I used graduatemonkey tutorials myself, amazingly well organised into data types/contexts so you will remember different types of problems. On the downside, their Ebook is available online only although their tutorial videos are helpful (showing shortcuts, etc). It took me 4 days to prepare using their material and I got 95th percentile on my num ! I failed my BarCap num test last year with 34% score and I still regret not paying attention to the test. but i improved this time which means we can all improve.

The Verbal Reasoning Test consists of 30 questions to be answered in 19 minutes only. The key is to read the questions very quickly FIRST then look for answers in the paragraphs. You will still need a lot of practice and proper tutorial. JobTestPrep and assessmentday practice tests should be good to practice. I prefer assessmentday because they provide the same material in bigger quantities but cheaper price - so you have lots of practice if you have the time!

Anyway, the BEST of luck to ALL of us who are now applying to grad schemes !!!



I think GraduateMonkey is a new tutorial provider, they do video tutorials on numerical tests. Not sure if they cover verbal or logical tests but will check.
Barclays tests (personally for me) are generally easy to pass because the SHL test is relatively simple and generously timed (25 mins for 18 questions) compared to other investment banking tests such as UBS, Merill Lynch, JP Morgan, etc. Still make sure you prepare because our skill levels vary and with practice you can always improve your scores.


Very useful information. thank you. please add or share if you have more. thanks. Brian


Barclays tests are relatively easy to pass. However, there is first time for everything. make sure you understand the SHL test format and types of questions that you may face. graduatemonkey could be a good source of online tutorials.


I think the key advice is to stay calm during the test, even if you get 2-3 answers wrong you may still pass in a high centile. that was my experience.


barclays uses SHL test format. best place to prepare for the test is graduatemonkey as mentioned by daren above. they offer SHL style test preparation packs with ebook, videos and practice all in one pac


hey guys, does anyone is aware or has a discount code/voucher for graduatemonkey subscription SHL Kenexa test preparation packs. I would really appreciate if you could send one if you happen to have it for graduatemonkey. I know they used to do discount codes but I could not find one on their site.


For Barclays SHL Logical Reasoning test takers, you can also try Logical Reasoning Test pack from Graduatemonkey, the prep pack is suitable for both SHL and Kenexa tests (they are almost identical, when it comes to Logical/Inductive test). It is brilliant, organised and in easy-to-watch video format (you can watch on your tablet as well as PC).


Hi lads, just to let you know, I think Barclays group and its various divisions will begin to accept applications from tomorrow, 1 September. If you have any useful information or experience to share re the Barclays Capital or Barclays Corporate selection processes, this would be much appreciated!


Hi everyone just to let you know, I got a job offer for the Barclays’ Group Finance Graduate Leadership program. It was a painful but worthy journey (3 months of preparation). Now I am looking to secure another offer to be able to negotiate graduate salary (currently targeting Big4 audit firms).

Last time another member here helped me out a lot (thanks Jamie) and I would like to pay back.

So if anyone needs any advice/tips on Barclays Finance program, please feel free to drop a message and I will surely try to help.

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hey guys, also make a note that Barclays aptitude tests are in SHL format. Graduatemonkey provides tailored SHL test tutorial packs and practice tests.


Barclays will soon commence their graduate recruitment globally. Two weeks …


I falied my BarCap SHL aptitude tests last year :frowning: This time I will prepare hard. Which sources are the best guys? Graduatemonkey, jobtestprep or assessmentday?


Hi Krav,
I’m currently doing the Barclays numeracy test and i’m having some trouble… could you please give me any hints and tips to help. Thanks