Barclays Capital (BarCap) finance help


Hi…I have a telephone interview coming up for a graduate finance role at Barclays Capital and it is competency based…i had a question though…I have 4 to 5 experiences including my internships and extra-curriculars to draw competencies from and I was wondering if this would be a disadvantage since they normally say you shouldn’t repeat experiences and prepare atleast 2 examples for each competency…anyone has any thoughts on this ?? …should I just bring up things from my academic life like experiences during group courseworks, etc…I think they would be a bit weak though…also do they normally have the same questions for everyone ?..and are the interviews very formal…HAALLLPPPP


ive got a telephone interview with bar cap also for finance. i reckon as long as you differentiate between the competencies at each experience you should be ok. if there are different areas of the experience that gave you the different competencies it should be fine. my position is industrial placement. think im just going to go through the questions on here. good luck


hey thanks…i’m just a lil tense coz this is towards the tail end of the interviews…even i’ve mostly prepared those 2 sets of wuestions available here…i have mine this tuesday…should be enough but IB is always a bit unpredictable…but luck…hopefully i’ll bump into you at the a/c… :slight_smile:


good luck to all of you.

I am getting one interview with BarCap Finance next week as well, so I am wondering after you finish your tele-interviews, could you share a bit here as well?

I am a foreigner studying in uk and this is my first ever interview, so I am so nerious, don’t know what a real one like and don’t know how to organise myself…



yeh sure no problem. ive had two phone interviews this week alone so will write down whats said.


To cheese,

Thanks a lot indeed. Good luck lol.

Waiting for your good news.


hi guys. had my interview, they called about 15minutes after the time slot which made me pretty nervous that id missed the time! the questions asked were:

  1. why your course
  2. why Barcap
  3. why finance
  4. when have you worked in a team
  5. how are you written skills and verbal skills
  6. when have you had to perform mundane tasks and how did you maintain motivation
  7. why IB
  8. what current issues interest you
  9. what current market conditions would effect the position you’re applying for
  10. where did you hear about us
  11. have you applied anywhere else
  12. have you received any offers
  13. time when you have had a team disagreement and how did you resolve it
  14. time when you have dealt with a sensistive customer.

theyre pretty much all the questions i can remember, theyre not in the right order but as i remembered them. not sure how i did really, seemed quite rushed and at one point was interrupted when answering and didnt even get a chance to ask questions at the end.

good luck


woahhh thats a LOT of questions for 15 mins…but u should be fine don’t worry…luck…let me know if u hear from them


ha yeh i know. well they called 15mins after they said the would, actual interview was about 25. was my last interview this week so wasnt as motivated as i was for the rest. we’ll see.


thanks so much for updating

wish you good luck