Barclays Capital - Assessment Day


Has anyone had ever gone to one, what kind of things did you have to why, how many people were they. Any answers will be helpful


Anyone - really desperate now.


Hey Priya
I saw this post a bit late but hope your a/c went off well. I actually have a tele interview coming up for barcap next week and was wondering if u had any experiences to share…do they keep it casual and is it really as tough as they say it is…i’m freaking out a bit here coz its my first…any help from you would be brilliant…thanks


Hi Arjungul

The interviewer is really friendly and helpful, it really isn’t anything to worry about. Just prepare different experiences and also read up on the recent news. There is another thread for the telephone interview for Barclays that should be of help to you, I think it’s called BarCap telphone interview and it really helped me.

Good Luck