Barclays Capital Assessment Center - Investment Banking division



After the online application and some interviews I have an Assessment Center.
I understand that there is a group exercise and an M&A case.

Does anybody know more about these assignments?

Thanks !




Out of interest when did you apply, and have first round interviews - what were they like? Is this for a FT position of internship?





I applied in July for the Israeli office - did the online tests. The interviews took place last week.
And the assessment center will be next week…
It is for FT.

The interviews were OK, the people are very nice: We ware going over the CV and they asked me about finance.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Apparently - they have an aggressive work culture!


they gave me a case about valuing corporations - i had to know npv, wacc, and similar transactions methods. they are nasty in london, probably because the comp structure sucks compared to the rest of the world - i would be pissed too. be confident . always fire back but never interrupt them. If they ask a seemingly ridiculous question, respond calmly with an answer that makes them look as stupid as possible. they sick the sleezy underlings at you first but then you meet the real decision maker he/she is usually friendly and more strategic… kiss that persons @ss … not the jerk offs who interview you and ask you tech / dumb finance questions.