Barclays capital Analyst finance


Is anyone currently doing this app?

Ive done the online tests and now waiting for a response


hi monty,

can i ask what three questions for compentancy where u asked? so i can get an idea if im doin the same one, maybe ucud help me out, id b grateful.




I had

  1. Which qualities & skills do you possess that make you suited to the role to which you have applied?

2.From the research that you have done on our industry, how does Barclays Capital differentiate itself from our opponent?

3.Describe a recent development in the Investment Banking industry. What implications might this development have for the division to which you have applied?

about the answers i wudnt wanna giv them totally, my applications still under consideration.

but number 1 is easy, for 2 i wrote about the business model and 3 i wrote about the current economic climate, BOE’s decision to buy more guilts, whilst it seems globally economies are picking up, uncertainty etc.

anyway good luck let me know how you go


from what I know, I dont they are holding any interview in August, they start in September i think


How would anyone rate a 2.1 BA Hons in Economics from University of Leicester, for this role?

Good - Average - Below Average?


Below Average

  • not a target university
  • If had a first, it would have been better
  • any work experience in IBD or related fields? - if so, then that will push you up.

Did 3 month internship at Marks and spencer finance thats it!

cheers was looking for an honest opinion


Hi guys,

I applyed for an analyst full time position in Investment Banking in London. I passed the numerical test and then I made the verbal one. Do you guys know how long does it take to have a feedback?


@ monty.
You can apply to BarCap Finance role (back-office), but NOT for the Corporate Finance (or IBD) roles (front-office).
You will have a fair chance at the back-office role and almost no chance at the Front-office role.
The M&S internship will definitely help you in the back-office Finance role… should give it a try!!

If you had failed the verbal test, they would rejected you automatically!! Since, that didnt happen, it means that you have passed the tests!! I dont think, BarCap will get back to anyone before Sept atleast!
Did you apply for the Summer Internship of Full-time Analyst? If summer intern, then you will have to wait a lot longer, coz they would want to get through the Full-time positions first and then move on to the summer interns… so summer interns - late November…


Nice to know IBD_Haunter…I applied for a full-time position…so let’s wait! Thanks for the informations!


Yea i did the tests too, havent had a response wait til sept i suppose.


poeple who have taken BarCap tests…could you please rate them (difficulty level) versus the ones on shl…would be really helpful…have to take them before sunday…just want to prepare my mind :slight_smile:

also would be helpful if u could tell me what all sections were there and how long were the tests…
one last point ive heard that once u move on u cannot go back to a question…let me knw if that is true!



Hi guys,

I’m also applying to Barclays capital…and ive come up with the same questions as before. I just want to know what my chances are just like monty has asked before. Ibd_Haunter seems to know very much about this whole process.

Well here it goes…

1st class Mathematics (Bsc) - University of Hertfordshire. No internships… Just adminstrative jobs over the last two years

Plz id appreciate a response.


Hi Guys - Just a quick one.

Im applying for the FT IB position in Sydney, Australia.

Got through the numerical tests and received an email straight away saying I met the requirements and I was through to the verbal reasoning test. I did that test yesterday and received an email “your application is under consideration”.

Should I assume that I have not got through given that I didnt receive a “Congratulations” email after the second tests? Is this consistent with what you guys have been receiving?


@ Itua - First in Maths! That’s awesome! Only if you had some revelant work experience/internship. To be honest, I wouldnt suggest that you apply for the full-time position. You have a better chance in the Summer Internship programme, and since you have been working in admin for 2yrs, I dont think, you qualify for the grad programme (but I might be wrong). If I were in your shoes, then would continue working for another year, and get into an MBA programme at a target uni. Then apply to BarCap for associate role!!

@ jalabana - that’s consistent, they dont send any congrats email after the verbal, but if you had failed, then they would have sent a rejection email.


Thanks IBD_Haunter. I can at least enjoy my weekend now.

@zuperzuper, its a shl test. i found the numerical more difficult than the verbal.
i did the practice test on this website and thought it was sufficient preparation for the test. the practice test on the shl website are far too time consuming.


Oh kl…thanks IBD_Haunter…but i’ll still try my luck with the graduate programee…Oh yer.i’m applying to the Quantitative analytic role, which requires a strong mathematical background. Anyway in the application form, i cant see this job role listed, but i can see everything else. am i misssin something??


I am not sure about BarCap, not every firm recruits directly into that role and not everywhere!


hi IBD_haunter - the email from barclays states to practice online tests for familiarity on their website, i cudn find d link… if not you can please somebody help, much appreciated…
also i practised the shl test but d result din show up, my status bar der says report generating … and despite loggin in and out it hasnt updated… could anyone advise on dat too please …

many tks.


@ slickmasta ----- If you want to practise some tests, then use this link. Its from Imperial College Business School. Btw, I dont go to Imperial!!
As for your problem with getting the results, I think there is some problem with your browser or computer… nothing wrong with the test itself…