Barclays Capital 2014 Operations Graduate Programme


I applied to the 2014 Operations Analyst Programme and completed all the tests a few weeks ago but I have not heard back since then. Is that normal? Has anyone heard back from Barclays yet?



ACs are progressing with some positions already filled


Hi mck871,

I have an operations assessment centre coming up. Please do you know what activity this will entail?

I am keenly looking forward to your reply.

Thank you in advance.


HI guys, when did u guys apply for operations? I applied at the beginning of Sep and a few weeks after I was told they have already filled all the positions and asked me if i wanna switch to another department. I wonder if you guys applied in August or something? Thank you and good luck with your interviews and AC! :slight_smile:


I applied in august and got a rejection email end of sept. although saw people on this forum still going to ACs in october.

AC - sum1 on this forum wrote that there was an individual interview, usual competency based stuff (gazillions of example questions available on the forum), presentation with a task where you have 30 mins to prepare a proposal on an investment, new info comes in every now and again and you need to make sense of it. no time to go through the details so you need to grab main ideas and provide a meaningful advice. The group exercise is like for many other places - you are put in a group of 6 and need to work together to do sth totally unrelated to banking, build a tower etc given instructions on how to communicate etc and assessors will watch your skills, again, plenty of details on this forum what skills they are looking for. tbh it is also much about personality, if you are an easily scared little girl - forget about it, it is not for you.


Heya rejected_by_all!

Thank you for your information! It puts a lot of things into perspective for me! I really appreciate this!

Please can you post the link to the exact forum which had the examples of the competency-based questions which Barclays ask? Cause I cannot seem to find it.

Also, any idea what the exact group task was? Or do you know what link I can get the info?

Thank you very much for your help.


found there -

Thanks! The group exercise is about an investment project and whether to accept or decline the investment. You get a lot of info, most of it is irrelevent and it is impossibe to analse it all in the time so pick the imprtant things quickly. Also keep an eye on the pc and the timer as you get frequent emails and new reports.

The competency interview was the wame as the telephone interview only longer. Cannot remember the sections for the life of me, but it was analysing large amounts of data, customer service and the last section was knowledge about Barclays and specifically BarCorp :slight_smile:

questions for interview - mostly like the ones listed under the tel interview part - I am saying mostly because depending how the interview will develop, you will be asked some specific questions about you


Hi, so did you attend the AC then? Or did you get rejected before that? Also, what location did you apply to? I have my AC this week.


Hi HRH2, I have my ac this Friday as well. It seems there is not much info about how ac goes?


Lol, I have mine of Friday too. I believe its all of Global Functions and not just Operations? Not sure. But did you apply for Operations as well?


I have no idea whether there will be just ops or all together. But I suppose all global functions have similar format. Yes I did apply to ops. Fingers crossed for us.


Hey guys how did the global functions ops AC go? what was the breakdown? any help will be appreciated, thanks


Hai all. I am from Singapore and I have my AC on Friday the 6th Dec. I applied for Operations. Any help on the Group activity and the case study part. Your help is extremely appreciated. Thanks.


Refer to this thread.