Barclays Assessment Centre January 23rd


Hi! I have an assessment centre for Sales coming in a week (the last one this year). Would somebody who had an AC (especially for sales) care to provide some details?

  • How many interviews are there? Are they entirely competency-based or there are technical questions as well?
  • Are you assigned a company to do the stock pitch or you have to prepare it at home? (this is a bit confusing) How long the stock pitch should be? If it is done on the spot, what companies (sectors) are you given? What materials do you receive?
  • is the prioritizing exercise the same as described on wikijobs: (new york voicemail, read e-mails, speech in college, etc.?)

Maybe somebody would be kind to describe his AC experience?
Many thanks in advance!


If somebody will need info on the AC, PM me.


Hi, can you tell me how long the AC lasts?

Many thanks


Hey , guys I am trying to get prepared for an assessment centre in the trading division. Any help much appreciated! What should I expect in terms of technical interviews? Plus, do you have any idea how can I get prepared for the trading game? Thank you in advance.