Barclays Application-to-Offer 2017



Hi! When applying to various companies, what I’ve really enjoyed reading are stories of people’s experiences, both to make the whole thing seem less scary and to help me prepare. So, now that I’ve been through it, I thought it might be helpful to write something like this myself!

What’s unique about the Barclays application process compared to most is that there’s no typical assessment centre. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Anyway, here’s what I did.

Online Form

Quick and simple, this part is about giving your personal details, what role you’re after, your ambitions and a few bits and pieces like that. Shouldn’t take too long to get done, and you’ll hear back within a day or two.

Business Insight Stage 1

That’s what they call this part of the process. Bit vague, I know. Anyway, what it is is essentially an untimed (but roughly half an hour) situational judgement and numerical test combined. You’ll be given some business situations via video with data and you need to analyse it properly and decide what to do.
The important thing to bear in mind from here on out are Barclays’ core values. The skills they say they’re looking for are:

• Agile learner
• Relationship navigator
• Team collaborator
• Resilient performer
• Critical analyst
• Numerical interpreter

In addition, Barclays also recommend this website for practicing for this section:

Business Insight Stage 2

For this section, Barclays use their own online platform. What this allows for is a much deeper scenario test in which you’re given business scenarios similarly to stage 1, but are asked more detailed and more technical questions in multiple choice format as well as recording some video responses.

Again, this section shouldn’t take much more than 30 minutes. Make sure you get a lot of practice in and be as prepared as you can be for this.

It takes about a week or two to hear back after this whether or not you’re through to the next stage.

Video/phone interview

On their website, Barclays say that here they do either a phone or a video interview. I had a phone interview.

This is much more in-depth than most phone interviews, which are quite superficial. It took me around an hour. They ask about your CV and education and work history, as well as some technical questions and the usual questions about what motivates you and why you chose Barclays.

They also give you plenty of time to ask your own questions, so be sure to have some ready as they’re a great way to demonstrate genuine interest.

Again, I had to wait around a week and a half to hear back after this, so expect roughly 1-3 weeks.

Barclays Business Meeting

This last section is designed to take around 4 or 5 hours, and to be as immersive as possible. It’s also very specific to the stream you’ve applied for.

The mock business meeting tied into a one-on-one interview. Essentially, you’re given a topic a few days beforehand to prepare on. Then you have a 40 minute business meeting to discuss your findings and recommendations based on that. So it’s similar to a presentation, but should allow for much more free discussion and questioning.

The interview was then very similar to the phone interview – quite in depth, quite long, quite hard, but also enjoyable. They seemed genuinely interested, and didn’t just try to catch me out.

And then you wait. For about two to four weeks I reckon. For applicants who aren’t successful but who made it to the final stage, they give you a detailed report of your performance and the offer of a feedback coaching phone call, which is really helpful.


Hi, I have a business meeting coming up as well. I am particularly worried about face-to-face interview.
Do you remember any questions from your interview? What kind of questions were there?
I would highly appreciate any help you can provide. It would be really great if you please help :slight_smile:


Many congratulations for your offer! Can you please guide me regarding the questions you were asked in the telephone interview? I would highly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance


Hey! Can you share what type of questions you got in your face-to-face interview? Thanks