Barclays AC for 2016 roles


Hi everyone,

I have been invited to Barclays AC. Have anyone attended Barclays AC before? I think Barclays changed their AC from past few years. Really worried.

Any tips or advice?

Thanks in advance.


Hey I’m still waiting to hear back from them about whether I passed the video interview or not. When did you submit your video interview and how long did it take for them to get back to you?


I’m still waiting too, they said that they try and let us know within a week which is the 14th for me, when did you take the video interview?


26th Sep :frowning: I’ve emailed them too but no response. I will interpret that as me having been unsuccessful then :confused:


I wouldn’t interpret it like that, they’d probably email you if you were unsuccessful, no news is good news at the moment :slight_smile: they’ve probably just got loads of applicants atm so are running behind


Hi Dream,

I take it you were successful with the video interview, do you have any tips for that one? Or remember what questions were asked?

As far as Barcalys assessment centers go, it will be group exercise, in-tray, numerical test and then a few interviews. What area are you applying for?


I am applying Risk Graduate Scheme. There are 12 questions in total. For every question, you have 15 seconds to prepare and 2 minutes to answer. They are motivation questions and competency based questions. Like: why the service line? why Barclays?work in a diversified team? solve with unethical things? build a new relationship?


Actually, I waited for 17 days and got the Assessment Invitation


Hi lucky, how were the diversified team and unethical questions
worded? I am going for IBD, I know someone who works in risk, great area to go for

  • Have you ever worked in a diversified team?
  • If your clients have asked you to do some unethical things, what will you do.


Lucky1314, I have just received an invite to the assessment center. Any tips on how to prepare for it?


Superman: When did you do the video interview? Which area you applying for?


Anyone going to an AC in early November?


I did my video interview on September 21st and found out on Monday I’ve got an AC. It definitely doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful if they take longer to get back than a week


Hey! When is your AC?


Do you guys know how many people are invited per AC?


Has anyone still not heard back? I applied in mid- September and still not heard!!


Hi Pamela! Did you hear back from them eventually? I did my video interview on the 19th of Sept. It’s been so long! I’ve emailed them twice over the last month, and I haven’t heard back. I don’t know what to take from it.


Did my video interview third week of Sept. Still not heard either. What division did you apply for?


I applied for compliance! Hopefully it will be soon!!