Barclays 2021


Created this forum as there wasn’t one for 2020 :slight_smile:

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Have you done the online application for a role at Barclays yet?

Hi, I have completed the business insight 1 but haven’t heard back yet but did receive an email today stating they are having technical issues.

Have you completed your application?

I have not done my application yet, can i ask what the business insight 1 comprises of?

It is very similar to the Deloitte immersive one and would have a video’s with different scenario. There will be ranking tasks and also numerical tests.

Hi, anyone received the VI?

I have received it and will take it this evening. Pretty nervous

Good luck!BTW which position did you apply?

Thank you :smile: I have applied for the compliance role. Have you applied yet?

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Yes, I applied operation role and just received the VI invitation~

Hi, what type of questions were asked during the second online test (video interview), is it like why Barclays or just questions on the case?

Hope you’re VI went well!
Please could you share your experience as to what type of questions, how much time do we have to prep and answer.

Could anyone apply for finance analyst share vi questions? thx!

Hi, It was a pretty difficult VI. It is a mixture of multiple choice questions and some require video answers and some require you type the answer. The questions they ask are the typical questions i.e. why this role, why Barclays and what issues could your area face in the next few years. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Jia_Gu hi! Please can you share the questions and format. Would be of great help.

Hi. I completed the Barclays Video Interview. I will help with the questions asked, in return for anyone who has done the Grant Thornton 2020 video assessment. Thanks

Hi Jia_Gu,

I also applied for the same role. and i have recently completed the VI.

Have you heard back from Barclays since after the VI ? if yes how long after did they inform you on whether or not you were progressing to the next stage ?

Hi, I finished my vi on middle October, and I received email requiring upload CV after a whole month after the vi. I didn’t receive any feedback about my vi or info about next stage.

Oh okay

which location did you apply to ?

How about you?