Barclaycard Credit Risk



I have the first round assessment with Barclaycard credit risk. Has someone been to the one held on 18th december?
Could someone advise what to expect on the day?
It consists of a numerical case study? ANy idea what it might be?


Numercial case study sounds like it’s going to be a good old [[numerical reasoning]] test. However, the “case study” part could mean it will be more of an appllied numerical reasoning test… e.g. You will be given a situation involving quantities of things and be asked a question or a series of questions that involve you using various math skills to work through various problems and perhaps come to one end solution. It shouldn’t be too hard. Probably!

When’s your [[assessment centre]]?


Thanks redsuperted. I think along your lines too , but there will be a numerical test anyway and the day is divided in two sections , morning and noon and both have a numerical case study…I have a feeling its something major but cannot figure out what… My assessment centre on on the 18th


I guess this is quite a math based position - so the two tests are understandable. Have you tried calling them and asking for more details - even tips on what to prepare for/how to prepare?


Hey Micky123, have u attended your first round assessment with Barclaycard?? Could u pls give me a heads up cos I have one coming up. Thanks a lot!!


Hey Micky123, have u attended your first round assessment with Barclaycard?? Could u pls give me a heads up cos I have one coming up. Thanks a lot!!


Hey Micky and sphinx, just wondering how was your first round assessment with Barclaycard? I got one coming up as well. Any help much appreciated!



I’ll be having a first round assessment with Barclaycard Credit Risk. Would you guys share your experience from the first round? How’s the interview? What kind of questions should I expect? How long will it be?

What about the aptitude test? What kind of maths will be tested?



My first round assessment was broken down into three sections, there were 5-6 other people at the same time as me and we were paired up and rotated across the three sections. The three sections were Numerical Test, Logical Reasoning and the Competency Interview.

The Numerical Test was a standard SHL test that you find on-line. Time seemed to fly by in that test.

The Logical Reasoning was one that I have never come across before; The test consisted of 5 parts, each part having a set of cards. The cards had information on them which you had to find patterns with to fill in the blank information on some of the cards.

i.e. one card would have “employee X, works X hours, earns X money, is entitled to X car”, while another one would say “employee Y, works Y hours, earns Y money, is entitled to Y car” and then you would have a card with “employee Z, works Z hours, earns Z money, is entitled to ? car” and you need to work out what car he/she’s entitled to.

One piece of advice, ask to see the stopwatch or use a digital watch because looking at the clock or your watch to work out how long you have left shaves off your much needed time.

The competency based interview is a standard competency interview so have your arsenal of experiences ready to deploy. The interviewers are nice and will guide you when they feel you need help. Prepare fully on why Barclaycard and why Credit Risk.

The day should last 4-5 hours. And if you feel you have done badly in the tests, just forget about them quickly and do not let them affect the rest of your day. I thought I failed the Logical Test miserably and that broke my confidence, and during feedback I found that I had done better that the average test taker.


Hey, thanks for that…really good info. So, did you make it through to the final round?

Would you like to give me a few details on the interview itself? How long did yours take? Any tricky questions? Which are the main competencies they’re asking for? I’m a bit worried cause I don’t have too much experience with face-to-face interviews.

Thanks a lot.


my experience was quite different. The entire assessment was divided into 2 stages.
The 1st satge involved (1)a Group exercise- we had to evaluate the information in an article and give a presentation (2)numerical test (3) a numerical case study. You need to pass this stage before you proceed to the next stage which begins later in the day.
The 2nd stage involes another numerical case-study, and then a face-to-face interview.
I dont know what position you applied for within the organisation cos i think the assessments varies with position. I applied for credit risk analyst hence the need to jump so many numerical hurdles.Besides my assessment took place last year, so things might have changed
About your face-to-face interview the key is confidence.


Well, I have applied for the Barclaycard Credit Risk Grad programme, and I’ve been told the first round assessment will entail a competency based interview, an aptitude test (problem solving and analysing), and I’ll also have to take the numerical test again.

sphinx, have you applied for sept 2010 intake as well? How was the numerical case study? how can I prepare for that?



I dint apply for 2010 intake, I have my head wrapped around some other things at the moment.

You would find the numerical case study easy if you are very good with applied maths.
I cant really remember the scenario I was given, but I know I was suppose to sought of create a mathematical equation that explains the scenario (it was more of simultaneous equation). Just be relaxed and try to think fast. I’m sure you would be ok. All the best.


Hi, I have a 1st round AC centre next week. Could some explain how you could prepare for the aptitude test?



Has anyone been to the second round Assessment Centre for Barclaycard Credit Risk? I have one coming up soon and would like to know what to expect? I’ve told the day will consist of:

  • Group Exercise
  • Case Study and Presentation
  • Biographical Interview
  • Presentation from Barclaycard

Would you guys share your experience from these activities?

Many thanks in advance!!!


Hi, I got a telephone interview of credit risk as well. Can some one provide some advice or questions,please?!!thanks!