Barclaycard Credit Risk 2nd Assessment centre



Just wondering if anyone has been called up for the 2nd round assessment centre?

I just got feedback from my 1st round, all seems good besides the results of the problem solving test :-o

Anyways, just waiting on a date for the 2nd round. Anyone have any experience with the 2nd round? Two case studies, more aptitude testing, a group exercise and another interview. Just wondering what the format is for the case studies and group exercise. I did ask but they were quite vague about it.



Hey seekay, have sent u a message~plz check, thanks!



I am going to the 2nd round too, yours on the 15th of Feb?

Will call up tomorrow to ask a few questions about it, but no doubt they will be vague. I think they don’t want to give too much away.

Anyone else? I heard that 4 people went to the 21st of Jan 2nd round (they were expecting a bit more but many people like myself couldn’t make it), anyone possibly shed any light?

EDIT: Dug up some old thread here on Wikijobs for people who didn’t know:



I’ll be having a first round assessment with Barclaycard Credit Risk. Would you guys share your experience from the first round? How’s the interview? What kind of questions should I expect? How long will it be?

What about the aptitude test? What kind of maths will be tested? maths with interest, time value of money - that kind?



Hey Seekay,

Hope you’re well. I have a 2nd round Assessment Center with Barclaycard coming up next Tuesday. I was wondering if you could kindly provide me with further information on this AC based on your experience? I was told by the HR that I have 2 case studies, a group exercise, 1 interview and also an analytical test of some sort. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Your help will be very much appreciated.



Hi guys,

I will be attending the second round Assessment Center with Barclaycard next Tuesday, 23rd of March. It will be great if any of you guys could share your experiences of the AC.

How was the interview like and what questions were asked: was it very technical (knowledge about credit risk, models etc)? Also how were the case studies structured, and was it tough? Could you also share some of your insights of the Group exercise and the analytical test?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi guys,

I’ve got the 1st round assessment centre coming up. They mentioned that I would take an Aptitude test, for problem solving and analysing. I don’t quite understand what it is. I would really appreciate it if you could share some information on what it is like and how I could prepare for it.

Many thanks and good luck with the ACs!


Hi guys,

Could anyone give me insight in what to expect at the first AC for credit risk?

What test will I be doing and how could I prepare for them.
What sort of interview would this be>

Thanks and good luck!


Hi I have an AC for credit risk next week.
Iv been told its an competency interview, aptitude test and a numerical test.

how long is the interview?
what is the aptitude like and is there any way I could practise on.

help much appreciated!!!



Has any one been to the second round Assessment Centre for Barclaycard Credit Risk? I have one coming up soon and would like to know what to expect? I’ve told the day will consist of:

  • Group Exercise
  • Case Study and Presentation
  • Biographical Interview
  • Presentation from Barclaycard

Would you guys share your experience from these activities?

Many thanks in advance!!!