Barclaycard Commercial


Did anyone go to the centre held 11th February? Have you back from the assessors yet? I am wondering how long it normally takes to hear back with with an offer.


Just got a call from the HR lady today- ended up with the job!


Congratulations! That’s great! …hmmmm…don’t suppose you could explain the interview process application to offer to celebrate?! :stuck_out_tongue:



It wasn’t as bad as I thought. There were 3 short essays on the application- then a Maths test and a Verbal Reasoning test. The SHL ones that everyone else seems to use. I was notified immediately after finishing that I was being advanced to the next round. The assessment day was broken into two parts, with some candidates going home after lunch. First I had 40 minutes to read a document outlining the position of a fictitious company and make suggestions as if I were an independent consultant. Next there was a group presentation where we gave a decided and presented on a loyalty scheme Barclaycard should implement. Lunch was with current graduates and was very a informational networking opportunity. After lunch I had to analyse some data regarding adverts and then had a competency interview. About a week later they rang to tell me my contract was in the post. Best of luck to anyone else applying.


congrats ssimon. is this for a job or the summer internship?


Well-done ssimon…i also have an upcoming AC for barclaycard summer internship and I am clueless of what to expect. did you have a case study involving price optimisation and credit risk modelling? did it require any technical knowledge?
thanks a million! Any tips would be terrific!


Mine was for the graduate training programme, so I don’t know how different it would be from one that is for the summer internship. I didn’t have any case studies regarding price optimisation or credit risk modeling- and the ones that I did have required no technical knowledge. My best advice is to just be calm, cool, and collected so you can do your best. Just be confident that you can handle it. They aren’t trying to trick you with any of the questions but really just trying to understand how you think.

best of luck!


thanks a lot for your help!

Did you have any psychometric tests at the AC? I was told to expect both numerical and verbal tests. Do you know if they will be in a similar format as the SHL ones?

Also, did you only have one round before you received the offer?

thanks :slight_smile:


I did not have to take any tests at the AC, though I guess you might have to. And, Yes, I attended only one round before receiving the offer. You’ll do great, don’t worry about it.


that is so strange…I think the AC for internships and the one for graduate roles are so different…

one last question :slight_smile: were your business case studies in any way related to the division you applied for?

well, it’s my first AC, so I guess I am quite nervous :))

anyway, thanks a million for everything…


The first case study had me anayalising a business as if I was an independent consultant and directly apply to the position I was applying for. The second case study was more of an a “on the job” type and was directly related to work that I may be doing in the future. It was an informal “across the desk” presentation as if I was actually anyalising the data and showing it to a coworker.

Be sure to let everyone know how you do!


this is really helpful!
how many people were there for your first business case study?
I assume it was more like an interactive discussion with you taking the protagonist role in solving it?
Were you required to present a clear-cut solution in the end?


Both case studies were individual, and there was one group exercise.


sorry, what i meant was that in both case studies you probably needed to solve a case …while communicating with your assessors…
pls correct me if i am wrong :))