Barcap verbal/numerical tests


Can anyone applying to Barcap’s summer internships next year tell me if you recieve a message to let you know whether you have passed the verbal test? I passed the numerical and got a message saying so, but the message after the verbal just says thankyou your application is under review etc etc. Just curious to know if i passed the second one or not so does anyone know?



Is the [[verbal reasoning]] the last stage in the application process? If it is, I imagine this is why you got this message.

How did you find these tests compared to the WikiJob tests, if you have taken these… Were they more or less difficult?


I’m struggling with those tests anyone know any good practice books for those tests??


The tests weren’t massively hard, though they are a lot harder than pratice ones here and the practice ones you find anywhere else. Yes it was th final stage of the application but I wouldn’t mind another message considering I got a confirmation before. I’d be annoyed if i failed the verbal because it wasnt hard but I feel i rushed a bit, I had been told at a barcap open day you need around the 50th percentile to pass if that is of use to anyone, and they apparently do not take your actual mark into accound its simply pass/fail. On the barcap tests you cannot return to previous questions to change answers unlike say credit suisse / deutsche. I’d recommend anyone to find a firm who you perhaps wouldnt like to work for as much and practice on their tests, I found just doing several of these to be the best practice as they are under actual conditions and such.


Do you think it would be of benefit if we created some further tests that were extremely difficult? Would you guys find this useful? Would you be interested in helping create these?


yes, why not? i found it was very helpfu to do more difficult test before you attend the real test.


Hi i got the same message after taking the verbal test. Have you heard anything else since?


Just to clarify- you guys reckon the [[numerical reasoning]] and [[verbal reasoning]] tests on WikiJob aren’t hard enough? We can definately look at making some more! I was worried it might be too difficult!


They are a bit easy


It’s funny you should say that. No one has got 100% in the verbal test yet to my knowledge!

However, you can be sure that we’ll set about making some extra-hard tests now… !


Yeah that sounds good- I’ll get to work producing some tougher tests as soon as I can!


just skimmed the thread, so not sure if the original question was answered - but it means you passed the test and they can now actually bother to look at your application form HUZZAH! although barcap are rumoured to have frozen / stopped their hiring so i might take that HUZZAH back - sorry!


has anyone had an interview with bar cap yet? what was it like?


Noob - If they haven’t they probably will soon!
Maya - Have you seen the wiki profile for [[Barclays Capital (BarCap)]]? …I haven’t been on the [[assessment centre]] for them, but I have heard, it is tough - tougher even than other investment banks.


Hey thnks redsuperted. Im going for a legal role though and there isnt info on there about that division.

Why do you say it is tougher than other IBs (even assuming its for a front office role)? Surely it cant be tougher than Goldmans - some people through 10 or more interviews for a grad job there


Yeah havn’t heard anything from them in several weeks so I had as much as guesse they have frozen hiring for now. Anyone heard from citi or credit suisse?


I don’t think anyone would be asked to attend 10 interviews (unless you mean during an [[assessment centre|AC]]?), for any company. That’s a huge waste of a company’s time - and money! I think Goldman’s interviews and BarCap’s interviews would be on a par in terms of difficulty. BarCap is a hot company though, they know they’re good, and candidates know it too, so they can afford to hire the very best people.


Your performance on the tests will only be considered once you have finished both numerical and verbal reasoning tests. I not sure how it is working now, but at a time when I was applying, your application would only be considered once they have completed the tests.



Do you think the “not hiring” thing applies to BarWealth? I have completed my app and done the tests too…


I completed my tests in late august - still nothing, but no rejection either. I imagine frozen recruiting due to good intern conversion! Damm!