Barcap Telephone Interview


I did both my numerical and verbal tests for Barcap today. I’ve passed the numerical test, but after I completed the verbal test the status of application says: “Your test results have been received and, along with your application, are under consideration by the recruitment team.”

Any idea if I’ve passed the verbal test? How long does it usually take for Barcap to come up with the result of the verbal test? Assuming I have passed the verbal test, how long does Barcap take to offer a telephone interview slot?


I completed mine a month ago!!! and it still has the same status!! Don’t know how much longer do I have to wait!


Oh, okay! Looks like it’s gonna take ages for me as well. Thanks anyways!


Guys, I had the same experience before… for a long time, no reply at all, followed by rejection from Barcap. Well, this is how it is… some don’t even bother replying at all…


same is my status for a Finance role in singapore. Under consideration for how long?


same situation here-have applied and have been waiting since 05/09


Possibly they are not employing at all on graduate level for some roles… bofa same thing, not employing. UBS firing 10 000 people etc.


Hey guys,
I’m in the same situation as wel! Applied over a month ago to their Operations division and have not year heard back. Let’s keep eachother posted here!


I just had my telephone interview for trading. It was really strange, not competency or motivational, more situational.

Questions like: What is your favourite university subject? Has your integrity ever been tested? etc


help anyone
I have a telephone interview for the finance division on thursday. can anyone please help me??


May I ask when you applied? I sent in my application back in September and am yet to hear back…


I got it through SEO


@dreamer1990. Can u please tell me what is SEO? Is that Student Exchange office or something like that. I am waiting for this stage since september. Still “under consideration”??