BarCap Operations Phone Interview


Hi Everyone,

Anyone had the phone interview for the operations division with barcap recently. Any ideas on the questions they might ask would be very helpful.



Hi guys, I have a fundamental question! I made the online test for JP and I am supposing I did it well.
Do u usually receive a warning mail before the phone interview or not?



hey blanco

whats the test for graduate position? if yes what division? Technology? When did you get the test?

Normal they said you an email saying you have been successful and that you will need to login and select a date.




Thanks CK…Anyway it was a graduate position; 2010 summer internship, IB division


The test was 21 question/ 21 minutes; SHL format without possibility of skippping or coming back…I can suggests a lot of useful links for that, some presentations of my university and some smart advices for a well done test. I need something more for the phone interviews! Anyone helps me?


hi guys i have a phone interview for barcap operations on very soon, can anyone offer me any tips? Cheers…


I’ve got a Operations interview coming up. Can anyone help me with specific questions that might crop up in this department? Thanks in advance :smiley:


Mechanicalorange! Hope you’re Operations interview went well, I’ve got a telephone interview coming up next week, would you be kind enough to tell me what questions you were asked?


Mechanicalorange! Hope you’re Operations interview went well, I’ve got a telephone interview coming up next week, would you be kind enough to tell me what questions you were asked?


Hey engineer100! Thanks for the kind words. The questions they asked me were as follows:

Why Investment Banking?
Why Barcap?
Why Operations?
What suits me to the role? (linked in with the last one)

What current issues would affect the job you’re applying to?
Recent developments within barcap?

Competency Questions:
Think of a time when you had to solve a complex problem?

There was another one but I can’t rememvebr for the life of me what it was. Sorry! It was something about helping people…?

Anyway good luck dude!

P.S. Can you tell me when you hear back from them 'cause i’m still waiting :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for getting back. I managed to get an introduction/exploratory interview with a senior director at BarCap (operations) through a contact, so I’m not sure how it will go, but thanks for the heads up anyway. Did you apply for the graduate position? and do you happen to know when the assessment centres are being held?


Haha, it was my pleasure. I’m in the same boat as you and I wish someone had been here to reply to me so I will help anyone if I can. I’m applying to the summer internship, what about yourself?


I’m aiming for the graduate position but considering it’s almost February I’ll end up aiming for the summer intern position. I hope I can ace it on Thursday, but to be honest I’m not very sure what to make of the interview as its an exploratory interview - more of an informal chat perhaps.


Haha, if you’re on this site then you’re on the ball and you’ll definitely do well. Btw, I forgot to say that the assessment centre is apparently Friday Feb 4th… but i’m sure they’ll run them every week and plough through loads of applicants.


Hey! How did the interview go? Did you gleam much info from it? Anything you can pass on to a fellow applicant :slight_smile:


Hi all,

To who it helps, I got a rejection from BarCap today after 19 days of waiting so if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Don’t panic :slight_smile: I’m sure you all will do much better than I did. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!



Anyone have a telephone interview for BarCap operations? Have mine on Monday…wondering what kind of questions could come up other than why barcap, why operations…