Barcap Interview Follow-ups


Anyone had an interview and received response already? I had one 3 weeks ago and yet to hear back.


Hi, accebase
Good luck. Why not sending an email to recruitment team? They are really helpful. what program did you apply?
I applied for the Treasury. After successfully completing both online tests, I was invited to attend AC. Could you please give some advice on Barclays’ interview questions? what questions might involve? Thank you in advance!


Hi, i just stumbled across this thread, sorry to butt in, but I also have a final assesment day for Barclays Treasury, when is yours bobdog? I was also wondering if anyone had any ideas what questions would be asked? Thank you


When’s your assessment day ? I ve got one this week too.


Its this Friday at canary wharf. what about yours? is it for treasury also?


Its on thursday , i’ll let you know the details when i’m done :slight_smile:


Hi priya and Ray,

Thank you for joining in this small group. I’m a little confused. I didn’t do my first round interview. After sucessfully completed online test, I was told one week later I was invited to attend AC the sencond week of December. I haven’t got further details about AC so far. I want to share my experience. But that’s too late. One of my friend applied Treasury last year. She said she got 2 interviews with senior managers. everything could be asked, informal. Do prepare some competency Qs, teamwork. If got details, let you guys know.

Good Luck, Priya and Ray_54321!! Look forward to hearing from you:-)


Hi guys, i was also in the same position, as I had completed my online tests, then my status remained on “you have been invited to the first round interview” it stayed like this for almost 2 weeks. I contacted the recruitment team during this team, and was told that senior management would be reviewing my application. I then received a phone call not long after to invite me to a final assesment day. I think that they have skipped out the first round interviews due to cost cutting activities.

Re: Priya. That would be great if you could enlighten us of what to expect after your AC. Thank you in advance!



Sorry Priya, i forgot to wish you good luck!


That’s ok, I’m knee deep in doing prep for the interview. I know they say expect the unexpected but Barcap are supposed to be quite tough so can’t help worrying about it. How are you going about preparing for the ac ?


Is this regarding summer internships or grad scheme?


Hi, this is regarding a grad scheme, well mine is anyway. But i think the AC’s will be very similar either way.

I called up Barclays today, and spoke to Clare (the HR person) and she advises that there are 2 interviews:

Biographic - so basically about you, why you chose you uni/degree, going through your cv, what you know about Barclays/graduate programme etc.

Competancy - just need to prepare examples (2-3) for each competancy and how you have previously displayed it as evidence.


Calling for help and advice from anyone who has already attended a Barclays AC, any info would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, anyone else have a Barclays AC this friday?


Hi priya,
How was your AC today? Could you please share a bit your experience? Appreciate your help, although I haven’t been informed the date @_@
Hi ray_54321,
Hope you are doing well for your AC tomorrow!

Cheers guys!