BarCap IBD-Assessment center


Hi There,

I will attend an AC at BarCap in the end of January and I would HIGHLY appreciate if someone could share some info with me in regards to that AC. In return I can provide detailed info about JPM IBD-AC.

I suppose there are some similarities but in particular I would appreciate information about

Case study: Is it a recommendation for a takeover target like at JPM

Group discussion: What will that be about? A potential target for BarCap’s customer? How much time for preparation? How long?

Presentation: What will we present? The same case? To whom? How many? How long?

Thanks for your reply, Remember you that are looking for info about JPM’s AC just ask I have been there twice…


just out of curiosity, is this for a full-time role or summer intern?


summer internship…


Hi everyone,

I have been invited for a full time analyst AC at Barclays IBD the netx October 7th…I would appreciate if someone could give me some tips for the AC “preparation”…


hey decmak, which office did u apply to?


Could anyone share the AC experience for IBD? Would appreciate it very much!!!