BarCap Credit Risk


Hi all,

I will have my telephone interview with Barclays Capital on Thursday morning. I already had several phone interviews for IBD so I know what to expect. But is there any questions specific to Risk ?

The lady who contacted me said that it was to test my motivation to apply and my competencies (like any phone interview), but as I said, I would like to know if there are specific requirements related to Risk.

Thanks a lot !


AFAIK Risk is the two most quantitative areas of Investment Banking - the other being Structuring. Make sure you stress your numerical and analytical skills, as you’ll be working with a lot of complicated models etc.


Ok, thanks for the answer.
I applied to IBD and they invited me to take part to the Risk selection process … however, I’m not doing any pure mathematical degree.

If anyone else has an idea, do not hesitate to give me you opinion.
Thanks again, Reg :wink: