Barcap Assessmentcenter Trading/Structuring



I am having my assessmentcenter for structuring (Interns) at Barcap in 2 weeks at the London Hilton (yeah fancy).
After the telephone interview he told me something about a game in the morning and interviews in the afternoon. Any ideas what kind of a game it is?
Anyone already had this assessmentcenter and can give me any advice how to prepare? Do you remember some questions? Are the interviews all tecnical? Anyone who can give me a impression how i should prepare on those?Should i work again through "Hull: Options aand Derivatives ? :slight_smile: " Will there be again a competency based interview? How many people will have an assessmenter and what’s the offer ratio?

I know a lot of questions…but honestly, its the first time i did it in the final round. So i am kind of nervous and want to perform best.
Thank you


Wow! A lot of questions! I would probably start by reading this:

It’s quite long, not all of it will be relevant and it won’t answer all your questions but it’s a good start.


thank you for that…i will definately do that :slight_smile:


Hi figo, have you had that assessment day yet? I’ve also got one in a couple of weeks involving a “game” and I really don’t know what that could mean. I looked at the article on the gateway’s website and it helped more generally - clicking through on the website I also found this article at explaining what Ernst & Young’s game is about ( but I assume that each company does something quite different.

Can anyone help?