BARCAP Assessment Centre : Operations


Dear Friends,

I have been inivited to attend the AC next week and was wondering whether there is any1 who has recently attended it?..I would be really grateful if you could share your experiences with me??


when did you hear about it?


last week mate !.. what about u?..


Hi, r u attending on 9th and 10th?


No …its the 19/20 th one…r u attending the 9th one??


Well done to all of you for getting through to the assessment centre.
I recently had my assessment centre with BarCap and got an offer off the back of it to join the summer internship this year, so i figured I could be of help just to give you guys a guide as to what I did.
The format was like the usual assessment centre’s structure being that I had an interview, individual presentation and a group discussion/presentation. I wont give the specifics as this is up to you to show your skills and if you cant then you might need to reconsider if this is for you…
Moving on my best tip is to remain focused, poised and confident don’t let the free food and wine affect your performance 'cos i know I almost did. In terms of the actual tasks they weren’t very technical they just required a lot of thought processing and being able to back up your reasoning, most especially the individual presentation be prepared to be questioned, remain calm and answer the question asked.
For the group discussion make sure you take on a role early on such as note taking, timekeeper etc. and DO NOT dominate the group, its not the actual answer to the task that matters its how you and your team members get to your answer within the time limit, so don’t go over the time.
Finally in terms of the interview its really left to your personality and that of your interviewers mine took the format of an informal chat with the usual competency questions here, some others told me theirs went strictly by the set questions. Be prepared to be challenged and be prepared to be probed on details of your experiences. My technical knowledge and commercial awareness were not asked directly but implied in the questions as i had to discuss my opinions on certain issues in the financial industry.
I wont list the questions I was asked simply because they were pretty similar to those of the telephone interview and I’m assuming you have all gone through this.
So good luck on your assessment centres and hope to see some of you in summer.


Dear Wizegurl,

Thank you for your input. Was it a 2 day event?..and if yes then was there any activity on the evening or was it just an introduction session?..

thank u


does anyone know how many people attend the ACs on average?


i havent heard about my internship application for the operations division, when i log on online it says

Your application is under consideration

when will i hear?


@kkhimji2001 - have you done the telephone interview yet?


abercrombie !!!

My friend from the insight news I have, there are only 2 or 3 ACs for this scheme being held at Barcap…the first one was held on 3/4 feb…and the next one is next week…I think 8 pople are invited on average…but I am not sure at the moment…Hopefully I will have ome news soon…

kk2001 …why are you waiting mate ?? them and ask them what is ur application status…u can get their email id from the ‘help’ section when u logn into the system…



Hey Unlucky,

i just got a private message from someone saying that we there are about 30 people who per AC which is very high. your 8 sounds more reasonable.

which division have you applied for??


hi mate…
I applied for the operations division…30 sounds a bit ridiculous…i attended an AC for Honda last year with 32 people…it was stupid…how wud they know who is the right man for the right job…I hope barcap doesnt follow the same procedure…btw which division u applied for?


To answer all your questions on how many people there are in an assessment centre, I had 26. This worked well as they had over enough MD’s and associates in attendance and surprisingly the group work only involved four applicants so everyone had their time to shine if you ask me!


i applied for Sales.


Aber … O ok mate ! I think they are still recruiting for Sales

Wizegurl … I think if we have 4 in every group then 26 is fine…and could you please tell me did the activities start in the evening? and besides the group activity what else did u have? (role plays, presentation, interview etc etc)? I would appreciate if ou could mention them in order…

Thank you


i think that i have a trading game, a presentation, maybe a sales pitch, group exercise!!

what kind of things did you do to stand out?


Seeing as my ac was during the whole snow fiesta during the evening we were meant to have a dinner and networking drinks with Md’s and associates but as you can imagine no one wanted to come and talk to a bunch of applicants. So we just had dinner alone and chilled!
The order of the interviews and presentations differ by which group you are in as they split all the applicants into two sets where whilst one set was being interviewed the others were doing their presentation, so i guess it depends on the availability of the interviewers and which set you are placed in.


those of u, who received positive responds from barclays cap, did u all hear on the same day after the ac? what abt. those who heard bad news?


Thanx wizegurl

Sadia ! Could you please share your experience of the Assessment Centre here as well… Would appreciate it…and btw did you get thru?