Barcap Asia


any idea how Barcap Asia is progressing with interviews?


@avam: have you heard from Barcap yet? i did the phone interview about two weeks back. haven’t heard from them since.


no, I haven’t. Actually, I just did the online tests and haven’t heard from them since. Which division did you apply to?


hey i guess their ops AC is this weekend…
the front offc AC is probably in 1st week of nov…
avam which dept u applied?


@ Harsh: I applied to Research and I haven’t heard anything from them after the tests; what about you?


ohhkk i had my interview last week…havnt heard fromm them since…
i had applied for structuring


Just had the phone interview… and BOMBED out!

They said they will get back to me within 2 weeks… i think she was too kind to say no straight away lol.


haha its ok jalabana…which dept u applied for?


I applied for Barcap IB in Sydney, but they also considered my application for Singapore and HK.

I wasnt too upset about it - Barclays is a small fish as far as Australian IB’s go. The big players open their application next year april.


jalabana, so have they already interviewed you?


Yeah had it last week. I also put the questions up on this forum. it was the barclays telephone interview thread.

avam - where are you applying for?


I applied for Research, but no news.


i did my fone in last week as well…no news yet…anyone got invited to accessment centre?


hey ck111
which dept did u apply for?


they said the assessment centre for sydney was planned for nov 6. but they should let you know within 2 weeks of the interview.


i applied for sales in hk office


hey guys any idea wats goin on with the front office asesment centre schedule in singapore?
its been like 4 weeks to the interview now…
did anyone gt a call?


same here… i got an email from Sing HR saying 2nd rounds will start around the 19th (I think apps close on the 15th)… so we’ll see how it goes… i think they’ll be notifying us a week before that which is next week (i interviewed for first rounds the 5th of October)

harsh - what did apply for?


i applied for structuring…wat abt u
i heard there is a sales AC on19th…so we shld be hearing anytime soon…


i applied for sales… but they still have to send a definite schedule… i don’t know if i’m doing ac or not since i’m based in the US… HR said i will be doing my next round via video conference… we’ll see, hopefully sooner rather than later :slight_smile: