BarCap Application Competency based question


I am applying in the Prime service division of Barclays Capital graduate program. Can anyone please give me some idea what i can write for the following question:
Describe a recent development in the Investment Banking industry. What implications might this development have for the division to which you have applied?
I am finding the 2nd part difficult, interms of connecting any recent development in IB like increased ragulation with prime service, the division I am applying. Thanks for your help.


there is the internet and then you have th BarCap site and there is always FT…
read yourself and answer the question yourself mate… dont expect any of us to do your home work!


agree to IBD_haunter. I dont think they expect very professional opinions from applicants, different ppl are from different starting lines. Just show them you are concern of the business, you have logic in your answers and you have confidence to speak your idea out.


Dear IBD-Haunter,
Thanks for your exceptionally insightful advice. Much appreciated mate.


Thanks IBD_Haunter for ur insightful advice. Much appreciated mate.


Don’t bother about this, If you think it’s a difficult question, others may consider it in the same way, so just do it.