BarCap AC - 3 dec - research


Is there anyone who will attend bar cap assessment day on dec 3rd?
I’m from italy and i’m quite surprised, i expected to be “impossible” even to participate to research AC… are the rumors real about research?


That’s good news, congratulations!

When did you apply? Did you have a telephone interview?






internship… i had a telephone interview on tuesday 24th


i also had a phone interview on tuesday 24th, when did they send you an email to invite you to the assessment centre?


Thursday 26th.


ok good luck! btw, which rumours are you referring to??


I refer to IBD_Haunter posts in “HSBC, anyone?” topic…


hi moon44, how did the AC go? would be interested in hearing about it; how many candidates were there, and how many were successful? what were the activities and events during the day?


we were 20 candidates, 2 italians, 2 french and 16 british students, i mean students from uk universities (not only oxbridge), most of them british someone chinese, eastern european…).

we had a group work (we had to select over 20 issues the priorities) then the whole day dedicated to interviews.
every team of the 6 divisions of research (credit strategy, credit research, equity research ecc., 1,2 or 3 teams each ) chose to interview or not with the single student (taking their stand on the cv and cover i presume).
i got 3 interviews over around 15 teams (the best candidates had 8 interviews).

the average interview was not so technical in my opinion (what’s CAPM, what’s beta), a lot of competency based questions (why IB, why research), general questions on CV (why this school), general question on the markets (what do you expect s&p500 will be the next year and why).

my biggest problem was english, i felt a bit scaried competing with english native speakers so even if i was prepared i know i was nervous and little fluent in my talks.

now we’re waiting for an answer!


sounds interesting, hope you were successful! (when did they tell you they would be sending responses?)
do the successful candidates get placed into a specific division of research,or are they rotated amongst them throughout the internship? can u choose?
were the interviews panel-interviews? or just a single interviewer?


they send the responses today or tomorrow… actually i didn’t ask if an intern will rotate or not.
the interviews were 30 min with 1 or 2 research guys (i appreciated the yankee accent of former lehman guys :D)


rejection! ouch


Hi Moon44,

Sorry for your rejection, nevertheless, did they give you a feedback as to why they did so??



I am still waiting for an answer, but since they did not give me one yesterday, I think that I stand little chance to get an internship :-((


no feedback… only the usual crap “after a difficult decision bblablabla”

i some cases no news are good news…


Still nothing from Barcap research.

Applied 19th November


Yeah, I already experienced such a crapy feedback…nonsense and not useful to improve oneself!!
Anyway, I think I will have an answer on Monday, if it is not the case, then I’d rather forget about Barcap!!

Moon44, do you know if other people that attended the AC with us have received an answer??


i know only that my italian friend (VERY skilled in finance and almost native in english) got a rejection… i don’t know if they want only british people 20 years old with a bachelor in maths OR if they choose randomly 1 over 20…