Barcap 2014 Asia


Did anyone apply for Barcap Graduate Program 2014 in Asia?
I took my numerical and verbal test a week ago and have pending status(it says scores and application are being reviewed etc etc.)

How long does it usually take to get invitation to a tele interview?

Thanks in advance for any comments


Hai all! I am from Singapore - applied for operations role full time and did my online tests both numerical and verbal on Friday the 23rd. Numerical was 18 questions in 25 mins- first 15 were very easy, 16th i got right, 17th i got wrong but i realized after i went to the 18th. cannot go back. Verbal was quite easy. My status says"tests completed". What will be the next message i should get in this case?


Anybody from Asia got called for Telephone interview- Singapore region?



I applied for a market role in Singapore. Took numerical and verbal. Still no reply. anyone else on the same boat?


^same for London. I applied a while ago but still haven’t heard back. Dunno what BarCap is doing there…


I got an email yesterday for the phone interview! From from Asia and the position is in Singapore- they told me the AC is going to be held next Tuesday and I was wondering whether you all have heard back/ will be there? thanks :slight_smile:


which role did you apply for and is it for full time position?


Hai chk! I got an e mail today and my tele interview will be held in 3 days time. Could you mind sharing your tele intvu questions? I applied for Operations. Which role did you apply to ? What is your application status and your AC experience. Thanks.