Barcap 2013 Quantitative Associate Summer Internship


Hello to all,

I am new of this forum. My name is Marco and I am a DPhil student from Oxford (Quantitative Analysis and Verification group). I applied in Barcap for the 2013 Quantitative Associate Summer Internship. I did the first numerical test and then I got invited to the inductive test. After the inductive test, I did not receive any response but my application status says that my application is “under consideration” by the recruiting team. I honestly found the two tests fairly easy so I do not think honestly that I could have failed one. However, since I did not get any feedback or response I was a bit worried.

Anybody else who did the same last year? How long does it take before they ask for a phone interview (which seems to be the second step of the recruiting process)?

how is the assesment day?

i would appreciate any feedback



Anybody who can help??



Interesting you had an inductive test after the numerical, I thought Barclays only rolled out the verbal after the numerical if you passed. I am in the same position as you having completed 2 tests for an IB summer internship (numerical and verbal) and now my application is under consideration by the recruitment team.

I applied a while ago in 2010 for an industrial placement in Finance and I ended up withdrawing my application since I did not hear a reply for about 2 months, so it might well be a prolonged wait, unless they deal with FO applications before BO or they are particularly impressed with ones application so as to invite them to the next stage earlier.

Either way, I wouldn’t be too worried at this stage regarding the lack of reply from Barcap. I don’t have experience of the next stages in Barcap’s recruitment process, yet (!), so I am unable to help you regarding your other queries.


Hi jw399,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I guess for Quantitative roles they really do not care about your ‘verbal skills’ that’s why they do instead a reasoning test. We can only wait now … thank you a lot.

It would be nice if somebody that did the same in 2011 would share his/her experience.


By the way, you would definitely have passed the numerical in order to get yourself invited for your logical test.


Yep, actually it was written in the email that invited me to the inductive reasoning test that I passed the numerical one. Was just wondering about the timing before hearing back for the phone interview (if they will ever get back to me then), one month, two months … three?? :slight_smile:


Any news jw399? (nothing from my side yet)


No, not yet I’m afraid.

I have no idea when they start inviting people to interviews and the next stages.

Does anyone else have any experience of the Barclays recruitment process and the likely timings we face?



Hey jw399 and mardic,

I applied last year for the summer internship when i was in my final year. Barcap withdrew my application after i passed my verbal reasoning test. i tried to call them but no one answered their phone plus i m thinking to apply for a graduate job this at barcap but i m kinda reluctant since you guys havent heard anything from barcap.

just a quick q. i graduated this year and i have no experience whatsoever in banking would it be ok if i apply for their graduate scheme or shall i jus apply for their 6 months internship? i will be very grateful if you guys let me know what you think.



Hey Alviyah,

Which division did u apply for last year?? I think you should try again this year as well. I know that (at least for Quantitative roles) they start the phone interviews in November. So I have quite a bit to wait :).

I am afraid I cannot help you about the graduate scheme. I have no idea.

Good luck.


Hi all,

I’m in a bit of a stressful situation here also, I just passed my numerical test for barclays (successfully), then the verbal one, and now I have no news for barclays, nothing. My question is simple: Would I have been informed if I had failed the test ?




Yes. You will be informed if you fail the verbal test. Now they will be sorting through the applications for interviews. Are you applying for full-time/off-cycle/summer intern?

I applied for full-time but got it changed to off-cycle since there could be no full-time spots available.


Hey ! Glad you answered my question, I wasn’t sure wether it was just a rumor or not, verbal wasn’t that easy for me because I’m french and I passed it in english.

I am applying for a summer internship in Sales & Trading and I’m only 20 so I fear I’m a bit young. I don’t think my BS is targeted by barclays but it’s still a very good one in France, and I already have six month experience in a brokerage firm in London so I hope I’ll at least have the phone interview just to see how it is, and what to expect next year.

Have you had any update already ?

All the best, I hope you’ll have that position !


Hey Mardic,

I applied for compliance summer internship last yr and this year I have applied for operations graduate scheme. I have passed my numerical test and I’ll do my verbal tonite. Fingers crossed this time if I get to phone interview part. Good luck with ur application. Btw did u have ur phone interview yet? and have u applied to Barclays FLDP too or u just appling to barcap?


Hey Feyicita,

How did u change ur application from full time to off cycle after submission? Did u applied for a quantitative associate position or an analyst. I m a bit scared now since I have no experience in banking whatsoever shall I jus change mine to off cycle too? Good luck with ur application



Bonjour monsieur/madame. Beaucoup de gens pensent que l’évaluation verbale est assez difficile, même les candidats avec langue anglaise a maternelle.

(Alot of people think the verbal test is tough, even those who are native speakers of English).

Your experience is enough to apply for summer positions and they will not ask your age (it is illegal to do so). I was able to start an internship when I was 20, so it is no problem.

I have an interview for an off-cycle position in trading, but I had to wait for two and a half weeks after submission of my application.



I originally applied for a full-time position but I received an email saying that there was a strong chance that they would fill all their full-time positions from converted interns this year, so gave me the choice of switching my application for an off-cycle internship instead.

This is for an analyst position. I have experience but do not have (and am not studying towards) a PhD or MBA, so am not applying for associate positions.


Hey Feyicita,

I have applied for the analyst position too. I don’t mind if they ask me for an off cycle internship. I am not studying towards MBA or PhD - recently graduated. My application was withdraw last year by barcap and i dont want this to be happening again this year. I desperately want some sort of experience and work :frowning:

how was ur interview? was it a phone or face to face? if you don’t mind me asking what did they asked u? Good Luck



I haven’t had the interview as yet. It is later this week.


alviyah, if you want some experience and work, and if you don’t have much of it already you should probably target a broader range of firms.
There are many brokerage firm and many banks that can provide you the experience you are looking for and then you can go back to such banks.
Of course you might pass the interviews and succeed at barclays, but just in case !
I wish you all the best and if you want a list of banks or brokerage firm I can potentially give you that.