banking history research


I am researching various subjects for a new fiction book and one major part of it is to do with early banking- 1600’s to be precise; I am trying to find books, facts, historical studies etc on how early banking and banks worked, how contracts were made and how there were assurances about investment money (possibly invested into a new bank itself, as well as for outside money-making schemes), being paid back (with interest/dividends if everything went well).

The other part of this area of research is into what would happen to an investment and its accrued pecuniary value in an actual early bank company, if it had never been realised by the original investor or his descendants, i.e. the original investor’s bank company shares were still active.

How would a modern day bank, in 2013, react if the original bank company investment documents (being legitimate and corroborated by learned experts) were presented to the bank and the modern day value requested to be withdrawn and transferred? Obviously, if this was a bank that was still in business after over 400 years, today’s share value would be significant!

If anyone can help me with these areas of study I would be extremely grateful since my research has not been exactly forthcoming in these areas.