Banking/Finance Graduate Schemes with a Science Degree



So I’m thinking of applying to some banking and finance graduate schemes this year. I’m currently in final year of a Pharmacology BSc at King’s with a high 2.1 (hopefully pushing up into a 1st this year as only 0.8% off). However, despite some work experience at barrister’s chambers and a full-time job in hospitality currently, I don’t have any relevant work experience or educational background. I know this isn’t a complete shut door, but I was just wondering what kind of things could I do in order to improve my knowledge in the areas (courses etc.), and what would be most appreciated by recruiters.

Thanks for any help.


Hi there,

You’re right this is absolutely not a shut door. I know lots of people that have joined banking/ finance with no relevant degree at all. The main thing here is that you prove you have interest in what you are going to do. Stay current with changes in the industry and events. Research thoroughly the role and the company you are applying to.

In terms of work experience, I think your best bet given timing is to reach out to people and get short stints of work experience or “shadow” someone for a few days. This will bolster your application - you can they say, you understand what you would be doing day to day, you understand the company and the industry and you have a set of skills from your degree that can be leveraged to help you in a role within banking/ finance.

Start by checking your linked in/ people you know who are in the industry and ask around. Ask people to go for a coffee. If you don’t know anyone in the industry cold message people on linked in or via email (you can usually google email addresses). Know which industry/ companies you want to work at and ask someone who has been there a few years to go for a coffee! People usually say yes and you can start there.

Hope this helps! Good luck.