Bank of Ireland LAF Gradscheme


Hi - has anyone had an assessment centre before for the Bank of Ireland Leveraged Acquistion Finance scheme in London and could shed some light on what to expect in the day?


hi, I got a AC on this Friday also, anyone share some experience?


Hi, I will attend as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any advice online…


Yeah I’ve been to one recently. There were 8 of us there. First task was we got split into 2 groups and we had to evaluate some information on a fake company (e.g. their investment portfolio, revenue) and some investment options. You read the information for 10 minutes and afterwards you have to discuss as a group the answers to some questions you are given about the company (how you’d change the portfolio, which option you choose etc).

Then the second task was a presentation. You get 20 minutes to prepare for it by again reading information about a company, and we had to highlight their market and business risks. Not really much you can do to prepare for the assessment day as everything you need is provided on the day, but you’ll have to think quick on your feet as time goes by faster than you think during the tasks. I’m still waiting to hear if I passed, but just relax and have a chat to everyone.


hi, does the numerical test of bank of ireland use SHL system?
Thanks a lot.


Session was split into two tasks… starts off with an intro about yourself and an interesting fact, then the group are given a report about minimising a budget with given info which you then present as a group.

Second task was a ‘presentation’ which is more simply answering the questions they provide you. You’re given a case study about a potential investment opportunity and 15 minutes to read, then present the answers to the questions which were about 3 positives and negatives around market and business risk. This is followed by a quick question about why BOI and why LAF.

Only part you can prepare for is the last questions.


Long shot but has anyone applied for BOI Grad Scheme for 2019?