Bank Of Ireland Grad Scheme 2019


Anyone else applied to the scheme and had any progress or have any questions?

Completed the Online Video Interview and waiting for next steps.



Hi, I applied for the BOI grad scheme too. Have you heard back after VI yet?


Nope still waiting. Looks like some people have had their AC’s and some haven’t been told anyhritng. Think it’s depends what programme you applied to


Ah ok, have you managed to contact them or have you just heard that from or applicants?


Just heard. Haven’t contacted them


Anyone contacted them or received a response ?


Nope still had no response


I applied for the global acquisition finance graduate scheme and haven’t heard back for nearly 3 weeks since completing the online assessments. Was it the same for you guys?


yeah i havent heard back yet been since about December


Have you contacted them?


Nope cause everyone else has and they’ve not had a reply so I cba I’ll get the same as them