Bank of england written analytical test help

Bank of England

I’ve got the written analytical test soon and wanted to know what the test actually entails. Has anybody already taken it? Could you please share your experiences. Is any kind of preparation you could do? There is no information on the test available. All you are really told is that you can use a laptop or write by hand.
Any info would be greatly appreciated



how was the test, heihachi? I noticed it was done in November. Would help if you could share.


I applied to BOE and have to attend a test session at BOE for a graduate IT role.

Below is a description of the test i will be taking:
The first stage is a logic test and this exercise requires you to write out a precise set of logical instructions to perform a clerical operation. Such sets of instructions are sometimes called “Structured English” and can be used as the basis for computer programs. No pre-reading can be provided for this test as it was written in house at the Bank.

i was hoping if someone could help me on this, how can i prepare for this test?
has anybody taken this test, if so please can you tell me about it so that i can prepare appropriatly.

All help is appreciated.


Did you go for the test ???what kind of test it was ??any suggestions please?