Bank of england video interview

Bank of England


hi guys,
i am now here.
i just passed the online test of postgraduate internship of BOE.
They said the next step will be the video interview.
is there anybody done this before??
any tips??
what is the video interview about??
many thanks!!!


I’ve just got the invite too! But for the graduate roles!


have you already done this?
what is this about??


I’ve just got confirmation of passing the BoE online tests and the next stage is the video interview too. I assume it’ll be similar kind of process, at least for the video interview. They said its through launchpad ( theres some info on there about their interviews. I don’t know if you want specific info on the BoE video interview (i don’t have any) or video interviews in general, but if you are asking for general tips on video interviews I can give some. They ask general things like why the company? Why the specific role? Then some competency questions so maybe look for the competencies/ core purposes/ key pillars - that’s what i’m looking at atm. You usually get a minute to plan the answer after the question pops up. Then 1-3 mins to answer the question. There’s a lot online about preparing for video interviews. Hope some of that helps - Good luck


thanks1 really helpful. are you also applying the postgraduate intern?


hi guys, i just finished my video interview.
it is an quite common interview that content five basic questions like motivation and mission of BoE.what do you think you can offer to BoE.
make sure you do the research of BoE.Understand what they do and their culture and value. what is every role do.
think about competency questions.
Every question has 30sec-1minute to think and give 1-2 minutes to answer.
hope this useful.
still waiting for my result.


Has anyone heard back after video interview yet? I did mine on 8th Nov and 2 week after I got an email saying that they were reviewing it.


I haven’t yet either. I did mine on the 14th November and got that email saying they are reviewing it on the 23rd. Just have to wait I think! Let me know when you hear back :slight_smile:


I haven’t yet either. I did mine on the 14th November and got that email saying they are reviewing it on the 23rd. Just have to wait I think! Let me know when you hear back :slight_smile:


People heard back yet?


I have- was successful so did the final lot of tests before AC. heard back last week :slight_smile:


What program are you applying for? Graduate, internship, other?


Graduate :slight_smile: you?


What sort of tests are we talking? I know it says technical exercise, but I also hear it’s an elements test. So is it similar to the first batch of tests or something completely different?


Anyone got past the video interview and done the online element test? Would appreciate any comments and advice for it :slight_smile:


Anyone got any news regarding the AC?


Not yet :frowning:


I know someone on student room who got an invite to the AC’s

What role have you guys applied to?


Hi everyone,

BoE has recently reopened their graduate application and I’ve managed to submit it and go to the video interview stage.

In the email they said I’ve applied for the “Graduate & IT Graduate” scheme, but I don’t recall having to choose any scheme while completing my application form. Can anyone please clarify if they mean 2 different schemes or should I only prepare my interview for the IT Graduate scheme?

I understand this is a “game” but any kind advice/opinions are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,