Bank of England Technology Stream 2017

Bank of England



I recently applied to for the role of Technology Stream.
I just finished SJT (which was alright, I think).
Now waiting for the results…
How about you?

I think next stage would be Video Interview, if selected
There is a thread about last year’s video interview

Do you have any information regarding application process?

Kind Regards


Hi there, I have also applied to this scheme. Have you heard from them regarding your application?


I just received an email today that I have been successful with SJT
I will receive an invite for the test
How about you?


I also got an email inviting me to complete the gold test as well! Do you know anything about it?


Spent some time searching for it
Couldn’t find anything useful
Though in the advice section it is mentioned that it will be scenario-based and will assess both analytical and reasoning skills

From Glassdoor reviews from 2016 roles it appears that it will be just standard numerical, verbal and logical tests.
If I find anything useful, I will post it here.


Yeah I only know that there are two scenarios with 15 MC questions each that test our analytical and reasoning skills but that’s still pretty vague! Please do let me know if you find anything, as I haven’t found anything useful online!


Hi I found this thread on student room
where someone has shared his today’s test experience

Hope this helps


Thank you so much for sharing that :slight_smile: Sounds quite different from other online tests I have done… Fingers crossed for us anyway and good luck with it!


I might do the test tonight and tell you how did it go

Good luck to you too



Did the test today
It certainly not one of the mainstream tests

StudentRoom thread explains it correctly

Keep calm and it will be alright

Good luck


Thanks for the advice and hopefully you did well enough to get to the next stage! I’m going to do the test very soon and I’ll let you know how I get on :slight_smile:


So I finished the test today and it is definitely different from other tests I have done. I think I did okay however there was a couple questions that tripped me up. Hopefully we’ll get a response soon.


glad to hear that
I also think I did OK (scored 30/38)
Lets see what happens
I believe we will get results coming week

Quote from test
“We will be contacting all candidates once the deadline for this exercise has passed and will let you know if you have successfully reached the final stage of assessment at the Bank”


Wow I think that’s a good score. I got 25… hoping that is good enough but we should find out fairly soon then!


Hey spv, I got an email with an invite to the video interview so I am assuming you did as well. Any idea what questions they may ask?


I have also been invited for the same.
I haven’t done the research yet, will probably do on Saturday and the test on Sunday Morning.
I will post whatever I find out here.

Kind Regards,


So I did the video interview a little while ago and not feeling very confident. The time they gave for each question was so little and I didn’t get to say half the things I wanted :frowning:


Hey I felt the same!
I was hoping most question will have 2 minutes time.
Further, I felt a bit weird talking to camera too…

Only result will tell for sure


I haven’t done the research yet, will probably do on Saturday and the test on Sunday Morning.
I will post whatever I find out here.


What should help me in video interview …