Bank of England Selection Centre

Bank of England

I will be attending the one-day selection centre at Bank of England. Has anyone here ever interviewed with the Bank?

i couldn’t find any related information, except the bank website, after widely searching for a long time. All I know is that the selection centre will be consisted of an one-hour interview by two bank staff, a 30 min group discussion and a financial appraisal test.

Really appreciate any advice!!


Hey did you have your assessment? How did it go? What happened?


Hi I applied to BOE and have to attend a test session at BOE for a graduate IT role.

Below is a description of the test i will be taking:
The first stage is a logic test and this exercise requires you to write out a precise set of logical instructions to perform a clerical operation. Such sets of instructions are sometimes called “Structured English” and can be used as the basis for computer programs. No pre-reading can be provided for this test as it was written in house at the Bank.

i was hoping if someone could help me on this, how can i prepare for this test?
has anybody taken this test, if so please can you tell me about it so that i can prepare appropriately.

All help is appreciated.


hi i also got invitation for selection center… any idea what is it about… i mean without even interview directly selection center… please give me some idea guys


Hey so you have got the invitation for the second round assessment centre?
or you mean the first round assessment centre (Financial Appraisal Test + Written Exercise)?