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Bank of England

Hi all,

Am pretty new to all this… I recently applied to Bank of England and I got through to the first round! I was wondering if anyone else had been invited to the same thing at BoE, and whether some people have already done it?

What should I expect at the assessment? They said its a 1.5 hour written test, but surely there is an over arching issue that I should be reading about?? has anybody had the experience? How did it go and have you got any tips??



I think that would be a great place to work, especially at the moment - good luck!

If I were you I’d try to find out more specifics about the written test - will it be multiple choice? Is it a reading comprehension? …try to call HR and ask them how to prepare and what kind of questions there will be, then we can give you more specific advice too.

Which line of service have you applied for - and what were the first stages of the interview process?

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hi, i have got inviation from BoE too…
Has anyone taken the analytical test before and would like to share their experiences and advices here?
And Kdv 87, when is you test?


hi, i have got inviation from BoE too…
Has anyone taken the analytical test before and would like to share their experiences and advices here?
And Kdv 87, when is you test?



I too have been invited to the written test and have no idea about what could be asked…from anyone’s experiences, do you think it will be similar to the verbal reasoning tests within a case study scenario etc?

would appreciate any advice!

my test has been scheduled for the 7th of jan btw



hey, i applied to BoE and havnt heard from them yet… :frowning:
mayb because i applied only 20 minutes b4 their deadline
but from what i was told from one of their graduate careers evening or something like that
they said it will be two questions or something like that,
u have to read some info and write something like an essay…blah blah…from what i was told…
but not 100% sure…


Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted, I have just had to go abroad on a family emergency, havent really had time to even check my mail! Apologies.

My BoE is scheduled to 21st January. I applied to Graduate general (non economic). The early stage was quite straight forward, just a few questions and some questions about the bank, their role as a central bank etc.

I am getting quite nervous about it all now!

Thanks for the advice skio1825, i’m sure you should get a response soonish, I applied about 3 days before the deadline.

JGwl how did the first round go for you? Have you got any tips or pointers as to what the structure of the day is, and what we should expect in terms of the essay writing and such.

slychloe, when is your BoE test?


My test is 20th Jan. I applied for the postgraduate internship program, and actually i submitted my application right before the deadline.
I guess the BoE website is a good start for preparation. Wish good luck to everyone


Hey guys,

I heard that they make people sign a form in which they promise not to publish any information bout these tets…so i doubt anybody will be able to help you…



Hey everyone,

I struggled finding tips about what the BoE analytical test for non-economics positions was going to be and now, since I passed it, I would like to share my experience with it. First, its held at the BoE building in London. You may choose to type your answers on a word document (laptop is provided) or to write on paper. The test was basically a case study. As I recall, you imagine you are a part of the project approval team of BoE. There are 5 last minute projects presented to you (each between 1 and 2 pages). You are also provided with a 7-page budget report of BoE. You have to read the descriptions of the projects, as well as their costs and then based on your opinion prepare answers to the questions - Approve or Reject the project, provide reasoning behind your choice and then since the budget was already prepared, you had to think of a way to squeeze money from it for your approved projects. This was the whole analytical test, for which you have 1.5 hours to complete. What I found most difficult was finding money from the budget to sponsor the approved projects. Have in mind, that first four projects ask for about 1m pounds each, the last project, which I found very interesting and wanted to go forward with, asked for about 17m pounds, if I recall correctly. Moreover, another thing I found difficult was reading the budget, but it may be my fault. This is all I remember, I hope that it will be helpful to you.


I applied to BOE and have to attend a test session at BOE for a graduate IT role.

Below is a description of the test i will be taking:
The first stage is a logic test and this exercise requires you to write out a precise set of logical instructions to perform a clerical operation. Such sets of instructions are sometimes called “Structured English” and can be used as the basis for computer programs. No pre-reading can be provided for this test as it was written in house at the Bank.

i was hoping if someone could help me on this, how can i prepare for this test?
has anybody taken this test, if so please can you tell me about it so that i can prepare appropriately.

All help is appreciated.


I want to know the job offer from Bank of England for the candidates dont have work permit.


Hi guys, I have just read your comments. I am also applying to the Bank of England for Postgraduate Internship and would like to know does anybody know whether it is possible to arrange the tests and interview via Skype? Actually I’m not in UK now.


Hey chitkarahenna, I know it is a long time since you posted about your IT logical test… could you please share your experience on the test? what was it like? and also I presume you took the written analytical exercise too? what was that like? Thanks


Great advice! Thanks a lot!