Bank of England AC 2012

Bank of England

Can someone plz share info abt AC if they have attended earlier.
I have mine in Feb 2012. Appreciate your help.


Any advice folks about AC activities?


I also have a selection centre in Feb 2012, really dont know what to expect!


have you got any email from BoE explaining about the AC or have you sent any email to them asking the same?
i am planning to send one soon. by the way which stream you applied for and when’s your AC date?



no haven’t got an email explaining anything off them, my ac’s on the 15th applying for the non economics first degree stream, how bout u?


even i didn’t get much info off them :frowning:
i applied for graduate stream non economics
do you mind preparing together, if yes i can call you


This is the email i got, so yes there is an ac on the 15th

We confirm your selection centre booking on 15 Feb 2012 at 09:30 at the following location:

Bank of England
Threadneedle Street
United Kingdom

For more details, please access your application at:

Please bring your passport, any receipts for travel expenses and your bank account details.

Kind regards
The Graduate Recruitment Team
Bank Of England


why would i do that? my selection centre is on the 15th


How did ur AC go?
Appreciate if u can share some info… Thx



i’ll send u an inbox now


Anyone heard anything back after AC yet?